How To Cut Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are increasingly becoming popular in landscaping and garden paving. These can come in different sizes and shapes, which makes them ideal for landscaping any garden. You can cut and lay them out in different sizes and patterns. They are idea for walkways, driveways or even paths in parks. You can also use concrete pavers to pave your patio. Instead of laying your patio out in poured concrete or other material, you can use pavers, which can be more decorative. However, you would usually need to cut concrete pavers to fit particularly tight spots or turns, especially edges and corners.

Cutting concrete pavers is relatively easy with the right equipment. Properly cut, you can achieve any design you want with concrete pavers. You actually have several options in cutting a concrete paver, and this will depend on the type of cut you want and the kind of concrete paver your are cutting.

You will need any of these:

  • Lump hammer
  • Power saw
  • Tile saw
  • Block & slab splitter
  • Chisel

Chiseling. One way you can cut concrete pavers is through the old fashioned way. This will require the fewest tools, but the most elbow grease. Start by scoring a line on the paver with the chisel. Simply scratch out a line several times until you get one that is a few millimeters deep. This line can be straight or curved, depending on how you want to shape the paver. Then, hold the chisel in place along points on the line and pound it with the lump hammer.

You might have to pound the paver several times at some points before it finally splits apart. Chiseling your concrete paver would usually produce uneven edges. If this is your intent, then you can use it as is. If you want smoother edges, then these can be chiseled off, as well.

Hand-held saw. One other method would be to use a hand-held saw. This would require a carbide or diamond tipped blade, as blades meant for wood will not work well on concrete. Set up the concrete paver on a work stand, and clamp both ends securely to each side. If the concrete paver is too thick, you might have to saw through it using several passes. A sawing method would not work well if you want an angled cut, though, but this is an easy way to do a straight cut.

Table saw. If you have a table saw, you can easily cut concrete pavers with this tool. As with the hand-held saw, you would need to use either a carbide- or diamond-tipped saw. Because table saws are more powerful than hand-held saws, you can easily cut through pavers even with just one pass. However, as with a hand-held saw, you are limited to straight cuts.

Tile, brick or concrete saw. This is the easiest way to cut through brick, tile or concrete. A tile or concrete saw is a speciality equipment, though, but you can usually rent this out from a shop if you will only be needing it for your concrete pavers. This type of saw usually requires water, which helps minimize dust and which helps produce a smoother cut. You will first need to fill the water reservoir. After this, you will need to set the guides to correspond to the width you want to saw off. Then, you can already lay down the concrete paver firmly against the guide on one side. Pour some water over the concrete. Once the saw is turned on, you can push the concrete paver through the blade. The slower you go, the smoother the cut.

Safety reminders. Remember to take safety precautions when using power tools and when cutting concrete. Wear protective goggles and gloves. You will also need to wear a face mask, to prevent inhalation of dust from the concrete.


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