How To Cut Cost on Garden Shed Construction

A garden shed is a useful area in your home if you’re fond of working on your yard. Sooner or later you will need a place to keep your gardening tools and equipment. Building a garden shed from scratch will require some ingenuity and some elbow grease. You can actually purchase a kit for building a shed from online sources like However, if you want to save on your garden shed construction, you will have to make do with alternative materials.

Aside from wood, some alternative materials you can use for your garden shed include recycled sheet metal, concrete, bricks, logs, stone, plywood, roofing material, old doors, fence planks and the like.

Here are a few tips in cutting costs on your garden shed construction.

Get a free design online. You can purchase a pre-made garden shed design online, but free resources are also available. You can try or WoodWorker’s workshop for sample designs. These would usually call for certain materials like wood, but you can always adapt to your needs by using alternative materials.

Find second-hand building materials. If you know of a construction site in your area, you can ask the foreman or the engineer if you can help yourself to discarded construction materials. At the end of each workday, you can try looking for material that you can salvage, including wood planks, wooden beams, extra GI sheets, roofing shingles and the like. Just make sure that the foreman is aware that you are salvaging excess materials, as they might also be interested in using these for other projects.

Buy remnants.
Visit your local hardware and construction supplies stores. They might have remnants or reject materials that they might be willing to sell to you at a discounted price. These would include excess measures of wood or other material that might be difficult to sell because of their unusual measurements. Be sure to ask for a discount.

Use alternative materials. If you have extra material from previous projects, or if you are fond of recycling, then you can use alternative materials. For example, if you’ve just worked on your roof, then you can use old roofing material like shingles, planks and even GI sheets for your garden shed. You can also use paint left over from other projects to make your shed look nicer.

Look for people who want to recycle. If you don’t have any material for recycling, check online for ad listings. Users of might be selling or giving away materials for recycling. Or, some would be looking to barter for materials you might no longer need.

Get as much material you can from recycled sources, remnants, and from construction excesses. You can then cover for other materials with store-bought ones. This way, you can avoid buying everything new. The trick here is to recycle. After all, you’re just making a building whose primary purpose is for storage. You won’t need to be too elegant or classy here. It just needs to be functional and sturdy.


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