How To Cut Floral Foam for Flower Arrangements

Whether you are arranging fresh or plastic flowers for a centerpiece or decoration, you will probably use floral foam to keep them in place for your specific arrangement. Obviously, the floral foam you will use will need to be cut just right in order to fit into the particular container for the flowers. In most cases, water will not cut it so floral foam is definitely the best solution. Here are some steps you can go through in order to cut floral foam for your flower arrangement.

  • Use the right floral foam. There are different types of floral foam available. Some can be used for both, fresh and plastic flowers, while others are particularly dedicated to one type of flower. For instance, green foam is typically used for fresh flowers while brown or grey foam can be used for plastic flowers. If you will be working with fresh flowers, the floral foam needs to be dampened with water prior to cutting. If plastic flowers, soaking the foam is not necessary.
  • Take the measurements. To do this, simply take the container and place the floral foam on top of it so that you know how much of it you will need to cut in order for it to fit into the container. When it comes to cutting the foam for the height, keep in mind that the foam should have about an inch or two sticking out of the container. This is so you can stick additional flowers and foliage along the sides of the floral foam, at least the particular inch or two sticking out.
  • Make the cuts. To cut the foam, all you really need is a kitchen knife; one that is has a serrated edge. Another tool you can use is a utility knife or cutter. Cut the foam in pieces until you achieve the desired measurements. Make sure to keep the discarded pieces of foam at the ready just in case you find a container that can make use of its size later on. The foam will be easier to cut when soaked but if you are using plastic flowers, you will definitely want the foam dry. If this is the case, then you will need to work your elbows a little more since dry foam can be quite tough and hard.
  • Start arranging. Once the floral foam has been cut to perfection, insert it into the container and start plugging in the flowers and the foliage accompanying them. You really won’t want the floral foam visible so make sure to place as much flowers and foliage as you can so that the foam will be concealed from view.

Sometimes, when cutting floral foam, the cuts you make might not be enough to fit snugly inside the container. If this is the case, you may use the discarded foam to wedge the primary foam in place. If you are working with wet foam, make sure to keep the discarded foam you can still use moist by placing them inside a Ziploc bag.


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