How To Cut Foam Poster Board

If you are into crafts, then you have probably used or will use foam poster boards one way or another. It can be used for cards, frame mounts, and the like. Since these foam poster boards come in large sheets, you will be required to cut it based on the dimensions of your project. Fortunately, cutting the board is not a Herculean task. Here are some steps to get your going and gone.

  • Prepare a workspace. The first phase of the cutting will consist of preparing a table or workspace for cutting. You will want to use a flat surface like a table or bench. You will want to place a cardboard platform on top of the table or bench so that the cuts you will make will not damage the workspace surface. Remember, you will be using a utility knife for the cuts and this could damage the surface of your workspace easily with the force you will be applying to foam poster board.
  • Measure and mark. Place the foam poster board sheet on top of the cardboard and whip out your ruler and pencil. Decide on the actual dimension you need and use the ruler to measure it out on the board. Use a pencil to mark the length and width of the board. Once you complete marking the corners and edges, use the ruler and make a line from each mark to the other. This is applicable if the shape of the poster board is square, rectangular, or triangular. If you are cutting it in a circular or even a semi-circular fashion, then you will have to use something else in lieu of the ruler. Maybe a protractor would do. Whatever is the case, find a guide likened to a ruler and create the lines to follow for the cut.
  • Cut the foam poster board. While the ruler or guide is still on the poster board, grab your utility knife and start making the initial cut. Place the point of the knife on the line you marked out previously. The knife itself should not be angled in any way since this will alter the angle and dimension of the foam. The knife should be straight up. Anyway, position the point on the foam board and make the cut. Use the ruler or whatever you used to make the line as the guide for the cut. The knife should be pressed firmly on the board as you slowly cut through the line. At this point, it is important to cut fluidly and smoothly to avoid mistakes and double cuts. Complete the initial cut all the way through and run the knife through the line a second time in the same manner. This will detach and disconnect anything else keeping the piece of board connected to the entire sheet, typically the lower layer of the foam poster board.

Once you are done, inspect your cut and trim any splinter visible with your knife. It is important to note as well that the foam poster board, while cutting, should be steady and immovable. A slight nudge could ruin the cut. You may want to tack the edges of the board to the table if necessary.


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