How To Cut Glass for a Mosaic Backsplash

So, you are working on a mosaic backsplash using glass tiles. That is a fantastic project with a high level of difficulty. Well, the actual process may be a tad bit easier if the cutting did not require delicate and precision cutting. Well, you are dealing with material that can shatter and break with the wrong amount of force that makes this phase of the process critical and quite risky. Nevertheless, even a newbie can do it if he knows how to do it. Here are the steps to get your glass cut without having it shatter and crack right in front of you.

  • Prepare the tools and materials. Assuming that you have the glass tiles at the ready, you will want to have a number of tools prepared as well. The tools you will need are namely, a work table, a black marker, a utility knife (one that can cut glass tiles which are normally referred to as oiled glass cutters), a pair of short-nosed pliers, gloves, and goggles. Before anything else, make sure to wear your goggles and gloves prior to handling the glass. This will protect you from accidental nips and cuts. Lay the glass tile down on the table to proceed with phase 1 of the process.
  • Mark the glass tile. Get your ruler out and start measuring the dimensions of the glass that you will be cutting. At this point, you will want to use a metal ruler and the black marker for this phase of the process. Use the marker to ink dots on the glass as a guide for the cut. When that is done, complete the marks by inking the lines with the ruler and the dots as a guide. Make sure the marks are just right with regards to dimension.
  • Start cutting the glass. Now that the marks and lines are in place, you can use your knife to start cutting the piece of glass tile. At this point, you will want to use your metal ruler again. Keep it guiding along the marked line you made previously. Place the tip of the knife onto the glass starting from the beginning of the line. Fluidly, apply pressure and run the knife down the end of the line. The pressure applied here is critical. Basically, you want it firm enough to create a deep groove along the line of the glass but not hard enough to cause the glass to shatter. Going too soft will only make a scratch that you don’t want. The pressure along the line should be even as well.
  • Break off the pieces. Once the cut has been made, lift the glass up a bit and whip out the pliers. Use the pliers to clip and break off the piece of glass along the groove or score you created with the knife. If you made the cuts just right, the glass piece should come right off and snap at the groove leaving you with a perfectly cut piece of glass.

After breaking off the piece of glass, sand down the edges of the glass a bit with a grinder. If you don’t have this, you may try sandpaper. The edges of the glass tile may be a bit rough and you will definitely want these smoother as you work on the backsplash.


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