How To Cut Glass Tubing

Glass tubings are commonly used for chemical and laboratory purposes, glass pipings, neon signs or fluorescent lights. They are also great in creating decorative glass work or for glass blowing. Glass tubes are hollow pipes that are generally made from flint or clear glass. They come in various widths and lengths according to the purposes they serve. When cutting glass tubes, as in other types of glass materials, there is always a risk of breaking, as glass is quite fragile when subject to pressure. With glass tubes, you may find that the process could be a lot simpler than when working with other types of glass materials. A simple scratch on a glass tube may be enough to coax it to be snapped at just the right place when making a cut. Here a few more methods to use when cutting glass tubings:

  • When doing projects that require handling or cutting glass, safety precautions must always be taken into consideration. Wearing gloves is very important to ensure you do not get wounded in the process. Safety glasses are important as well so your eyes are protected from splinters of glass while cutting.
  • One of the simplest ways you can employ when cutting glass tubing is by using a three-cornered file 92. Prop up and support your glass tube beside the cutting side of the tool. Using your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the sharp side of tool against the tube. Make a cut halfway or around the tube. Break the tube by snapping it off along the line quickly and you get an even cut.
  • Another easy way of cutting glass is by using a gauge glass cutter. It is a V steel rod that includes a seat located on one end and has a steel cutting rod on the other end. To use this tool, determine the length of the tube you wish to cut and place the stop on the rod at the desired length. With the seat outside, place the rod with the cutter on it in the glass tube. Tightly push the V rods together, rotating it and the tube in reverse directions. This will create an even cut that will make breaking the tube an effortless task.
  • You can also determine where you want to cut on your glass tube and with a three-sided file, make the cut around the tube. With your fingertips, run around the scratch with a bit of your saliva. Using your thumbs and keeping the scratch set away from your body, snap off the glass tube. You can smooth the rough edges of the glass tube by using sandpaper. Another method you can use for smoothing or rounding off edges after cutting a glass tube is by heating it with a flame. This will melt the glass and give it a smooth and even finish.

Practice makes perfect especially when it comes to working on glass. Accidents can happen which is why it is absolutely necessary to take measures to guarantee your safety. Following the simple procedures above, you will find that cutting glass is not at all as complicated as you imagined it to be.


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