How To Cut in an Electrical Box

As the quantity of appliances grows in your home, it also raises the need for more electrical boxes. Installing additional electrical boxes will require cutting holes into the wall. This is a task you can accomplish in a matter of minutes.

  1. Gather materials and tool. Gather the materials and tools you need for this project. You will need a drywall saw to cut a hole in the wall for the electric box. A pair of pliers will be handy for pulling and bending metal straps. Other materials you will need are Madison straps, a level, pencil, tape measure and of course the electrical box.
  2. Measure the electrical box. There are several ways to measure and put guide lines on the wall, but the simplest way is to hold the electrical box up against the wall and draw an outline with a pencil. Use the level to make sure the box will be level when you install it. You can put the level on the top part of the electrical box while you make the outline. The pencil's tip should be flush against the box when making the outline.
  3. Cut a hole in the wall. Use the drywall saw to cut out the hole in the wall to accommodate the electrical box. Place the tip of the drywall saw on one corner of the outline, then give the back of the handle a few taps until your saw gets in far enough to make a cut. Follow the outline you made on the wall until you completely cut out the whole shape of the electrical box.
  4. Install the electrical box in the wall. Slide the electrical box in the hole you made in the wall. If it does not slide in easily, locate which area on the hole is giving you difficulty. Place the electrical box in the hole to determine if the height or width of the hole is too small. You can use the drywall saw to make the space a little wider or use sand paper if you really don't need to take that much off the width or height of the hole. When you can easily slide in the box, push it all the way in until the brackets touch the wall. Use the Madison straps to hold the electrical box in place and keep it from falling out. Insert a strap on the right side first; push the longer part in the hole towards the top of the box with the tabs facing towards you. When the tabs keep you from going any further you can then slide in the bottom part of the Madison strap. Do the same process for the left side of the electrical box. When the straps are in place, make sure the tabs are at the middle area, and then with a pair of pliers, bend the tabs towards the inside of the box and secure it against the electrical box's sides. You can tighten the tabs on the box with the pliers. Do this to all the tabs.

You can install electrical boxes by yourself with very little effort. You can choose to do this manually or use power tools.


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