How To Cut Rigid Insulation Boards

Insulation boards, also known as insulation panels, are used for a variety of purposes: to keep a room warm (heat insulation), to make an area soundproof, and to serve as decorative pieces. These boards are light weight yet very rigid. If you plan on using rigid insulation boards for house insulation, soundproofing, or decorating, here is how to cut rigid insulation boards easily and effectively.

  1. Buy a good quality rigid insulation board. You can buy these from insulation contractors or at the hardware section of a store with house insulation products. You can also order rigid insulation boards from online shops.
  2. Use sharp cutting equipment. Rigid insulation boards can't be cut by blunt and frail instruments. To produce a neat cut, get good quality cutting equipment. You can use different cutting equipment according to your purposes, such as a saw, a utility knife, a cutter and the like. Check the sharpness of the blade by cutting a small portion of the insulation board. If you aren't satisfied with the results, consider getting it sharpened or replacing it with another blade.
  3. Measure the board. Get the ideal measurement of the board. Use an accurate measuring device, and remember to start with the 0 point. Keep the measuring device steady to produce consistent results. You can use a measuring tape for longer lengths and a simple 12-inch ruler for shorter lengths.
  4. Mark the insulation board. Use a pencil or a marker to plot the desired length and shape of the rigid insulation board. If you don't intend for the markings to show up, use a pencil or a temporary marking device, and mark as lightly as possible. Use a ruler or a straight edged object in order for you to make neat lines. The outline that you make will serve as your guide for cutting.
  5. Cut the insulation board. After you have drawn the outline on the rigid insulation board, it is time for you to cut it. Use your cutting equipment to slice through the material of the rigid insulation board. Take note that insulation boards are composed of different layers, and you will encounter varying resistances while cutting. Keep your angle and direction steady to produce a clean and straight cut. If you prefer, you could cut through one layer, and then follow with the next until everything is cut. Though doing this will take longer than cutting it through at one go, it will produce the neatest results
  6. Break off the rigid insulation board. Using your free hand, push away the extra part of the board you are cutting, the part that you won't use.
  7. Erase the markings. When you are done cutting, erase your previous markings.

These are the steps on how to cut rigid insulation boards. To sum up, cutting rigid insulation boards requires you to get good quality insulation boards, sharp cutting equipment, accurate measuring materials and markers. Cut in a constant angle and motion to produce neat results. 


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