How To Cut Suspended Ceiling Tiles

A suspended ceiling, drop ceiling or force ceiling is one of the greatest gifts of modern architecture. With this, ugly wiring, ductwork, and piping can be concealed, making the room look cleaner and more beautiful. Although aesthetically beautiful, installing a suspended ceiling is a big investment. No wonder why many people choose to do it on their own. And if you are concerned about cutting the ceiling tiles, you must be near to finishing this home improvement project.

Luckily, cutting suspended ceiling tiles is as easy as cutting any tiles. The only difference is perhaps the size of the tile, since ceiling tiles are typically larger than those used for the floor or wall. Nevertheless, cutting a ceiling tile is doable by non-professionals. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be able to do it correctly:

  • Take the measurement. How long and how wide should the ceiling tile be? It’s best to measure the space left on the ceiling. Include the needed space for overlapping the grid when you take the measurement. Take the measurement at least twice to make sure that you got the right number.
  • Lay the tile on any hard surface like a concrete floor. The ideal hard surface should be strong enough so it will not be damaged in case the cut goes through the tile. Put the ceiling tile facing up, preparing it for the measurement.
  • Mark the measurement on the tile. The mark will guide you on cutting the suspended ceiling tile correctly. Mark on every side of the tile if you need to. Check if you have marked the right measurement on the tile at least twice.
  • Cut the suspended ceiling tile. Use a steel ruler for scoring a straight line on the tile. Tiles are softer than glasses so a utility knife or anything sharper than this is already enough. Cut the tile, following the marks on it. A tile nipper can be used for cutting curved lines. If you can’t break the tile easily, go through the lines again and score the marks. You may cut on the back side of the tile, too. Gently tapping on the ceiling tile might help break it easily as well.

Safety Tips When Cutting Ceiling Tiles

Below are some tips for safer and more effective cutting of ceiling tiles:

  • Work in a well-ventilated area to prevent sniffing dust that might form when cutting tiles.
  • Work in the direction away from the body when cutting tiles. Use protective gloves and mask, too, for added protection.
  • Wash your hands before cutting the ceiling tiles, too to prevent any soiling that might happen to the tiles. Do this also after cutting the tiles.
  • Change the blade or sharpen it again if you feel like it’s not cutting the tile well. The utility knife’s blade might quickly become dull when cutting tiles.

You are now closer to finishing your suspended ceiling. There are more works that need to be done after cutting the tiles like installing them and checking the durability of the ceiling. Just continue with the project and you’ll soon realize that you already have a fine-looking dropped ceiling.


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