How To Deal with a Mouse Infestation

Mouse taking cheese from trap

Mice infestation in a home is a serious concern and should be dealt with immediately. A lot of options are available in the market but you have to proceed with caution and check for the best repellent suitable for your home. This is extremely important if you have children since most of the repellents available are hazardous to health if accidentally swallowed. So, it may be best to choose natural mouse repellents.

Before you can prevent and control mice infestation, you need to know some facts about mice. House mice have grey or brown fur, large ears and small eyes. An adult mouse usually weighs .5 ounce and can be as long as 5-7 inches including the tail. Mice live and survive in different types of conditions and with little amount of food. They are very agile and can climb any rough vertical surface making it really challenging to get rid of. Here are some ways to prevent and control mice infestation at home:

  • Maintain a neat, clean and orderly home. One of the causes of mouse infestation is poor sanitation at home. If they can find food easily, then they will definitely stay and populate. Pay attention to removal of all food drippings, crumbs or any trace of food. Remember, they will nibble on anything so it is best to keep everything clean. Pay attention to spaces that can attract mice to seek shelter. If they have fewer places to hide or build their nests they will not be able to survive in large numbers.
  • Mouse-proof your home. Mouse-proofing your home can be really taxing but I assure you, it will all be worth the effort. For mouse-proofing, it’s best to start with the food source: your food containers, cabinets, and storage. For types of food that needs to be left in room temperature, make sure that it is sealed properly in a glass container.
  • Seal all possible openings where the mice can enter your home. The doors, windows and screens should fit tightly and you can cover the edges with metal to ensure that the mice will not be able to chew on it. You can eliminate cracks by sealing it with a smooth patching material. Make sure to use a good patching material that mice cannot chew on.
  • Trap, control and eliminate. Now that you have attacked the source and ensured that you have control over the mice population in your home, it’s time to eliminate those inside. Mouse trap is one of the most effective ways of killing and you can set it up inside your house in areas where they usually pass. Just make sure that these areas are also safe for you and you will not hit it accidentally. However, if you think the population is too big to be managed by traps, it’s best to consult pest controls.


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