How To Deal with a Rat Problem

Phobia with rats

Almost everyone experiences a rat problem and the key to dealing with it is eliminating the two main reasons why they are attracted to your home, food and shelter. You need to immediately implement removal of their food source and then eliminate possible areas where they can seek shelter. Then, you can lessen or eliminate the rodent population using repellents and pesticides. Below are some of the details to provide you better understanding on how to deal with a rat problem.

First, what you need to know are some facts about this type of rodent. Rats do not have clear vision. They only rely on walls to guide them to their food source and shelter. Rats are also great climbers and can climb diagonally through rough areas. The good news is, they are nocturnal and the peak of their activities usually occurs at dusk or before dawn. During the day, you can see them moving around if the population is large enough or if they are disturbed and hungry. To effectively deal with these rodents, you need to attack the source:

Food source. You need to maintain your house clean and free from all traces of food. Start with the kitchen and dining area where the food supply is usually kept. Wipe all areas where we cook and dine to ensure that there are no food drippings and other particles left. Keep everything in a tightly sealed glass container. Make sure that your food storage areas are locked and sealed properly so that rats will not be able to access it. It is best to cover the edges with metal so that rats will not be able to chew on it easily.

Maintaining the house clean is challenging and we should make this a daily routine. Take particular attention to the areas where you usually eat and make sure to clean properly after eating. Clean the counters and take out the trash daily. To make this task easier, it is important to get everyone in the family involved. Each family member should be aware of the steps you are taking in eliminating the rat problem inside your home and each member should contribute to help. You can start by listing down the areas that needs to be cleaned and assigning each a specific area to tidy up daily.

Shelter. You need to seal all openings where rats can possibly hide and seek shelter. Although it is hard to detect where they actually hide, it is best to keep all cracks and holes sealed properly. Use a high quality sealant that the mouse cannot easily chew on. Check the hardware store nearest you and ask for the best option available.

Next, Keep possible materials that rats can use for nesting. These materials can be paper, wood, lumber or even cotton balls. Keep them inside cabinets that rats cannot easily get into. You also need to secure the openings from outside of your house.

Other houses, although they keep their house sanitized, still experiences rat problem because rats can easily go inside their homes. So, make sure that all openings including doors, screens and windows can be closed and tightly sealed.


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