How To Decide Between Artificial Turf and Natural Grass

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Today, the cost of water is increasing constantly including regulations from the government. Homeowners are becoming too busy at work and some are not able to x their garden anymore because of lack of time and money. Those are the reasons why some would only prefer to have artificial grass in their gardens. But still, natural grass is better and is more attractive than turf.

Here are some steps that may help you in deciding whether or not you’d go for artificial turf or natural grass.

  • Consider the budget you have for your project, as well as the costs for maintaining artificial turf versus natural grass. If you are to compare the maintenance for turf to that of natural grass, turf will give you some savings. However, the installation for turf will cost you more. The initial amount that you need to shell out during installation may be offset while maintaining it especially that you don’t have to spend for your garden’s sprinkler system.
  • Get some estimates and evaluate maintenance contracts for both the artificial turf and real grass. If there is a contract that will save you some money for the maintenance of natural grass, go for it. An artificial turf doesn’t have to be mowed but it must be maintained regularly.
  • Research on how safe natural grass can be compared to an artificial turf. Always take into consideration how an artificial turf is manufactured and the things that it may contribute to everyone’s safety. Remember that artificial turf is a potential source of heat stress and may bring about injuries to people. It may also harm the environment through toxic leaching, use of water, including the use of energy during the manufacturing process.
  • Think of the purpose of your sod and how it is usually used. If you plan on putting it outdoors, remember that it may have crucial effect in unfavorable weather conditions. Some people use turf by putting transparent roof outside the house to protect it from the constantly changing of the weather. However, if there are several people who will step on your synthetic turf you don’t have to worry because it doesn’t need a replacement right away. For a sod with a real grass, it may easily die when people step on the grass especially when there’s a party going on. But it’s easy to restore it, yet it’s a complete hassle when you frequently hold gatherings at your garden because you would also keep on replacing your grass to make it look beautiful.

Real grass may be less expensive but the cost to maintain it is too much. The installation of an artificial turf in your sod may be a bit expensive but remember that this can be offset by the affordable maintenance costs. Now that you have all the pros and cons of an artificial turf and a real lawn, it’s time to make a choice. Will you prefer something that needs to be replaced frequently, or something that only needs a few touches in maintaining it?


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