How To Decide Between Installing a Hot Tub and a Spa for Your Home

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Are you looking for an exciting renovation project for your home? If so, there's no shortage of great ideas.

After all, there's nothing more fun than adding a splash of personality to an existing house. Especially if you've been considering adding a hot tub or spa. This is a great way to create a relaxing environment for you and your family.

This article takes a look at the important differences between a hot tub vs spa for your home. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on how to take your living space to the next level. 

How Much Space Do You Have?

The first thing to consider is how much space you have in your home for installing a hot tub or spa. And don't forget about the fact that you're going to have to route the necessary plumbing to that specific location in your house.

Keep in mind that hot tub installation will require access for maintenance and repairs. You'll also need to be able to drain the tub every few months.

Spas require specific planning and prep for all the hook-ups and wiring, which will need to be adequately protected beneath your patio.

What Are the Zoning Laws In Your Area?

Next, you'll need to look into the building codes in your area before starting the installation process. You will also need to apply for the necessary permits from your municipality in order to add the hot tub or spa to your property.

This could potentially be a time-consuming process, so give yourself a reasonable window of time before officially contracting out the job with a professional installation team.

Budgeting For the Project

This project won't be cheap, thus the decision to choose between a hot tub or spa could come down to finances. 

Keep in mind that spas are typically more expensive to install due to the fact that they require extra time and labor. Thus you need to make sure you have enough wiggle room without your budget. But you should also remember that installing a spa on your property will also significantly increase the resale value of your home, making it a truly worthwhile investment.

Here's a closer look at spas adding value to your home.

Take a Look at Energy Costs

When choosing between a hot tub or spa, it's also useful to compare the energy costs of each. And make sure you can afford those costs. After all, the end product is intended to reduce stress rather than become a source of it.

Compare the Average Life of Each

This is a major purchase, so you'll need to make sure you get the most for your money. After all, a cheap hot top isn't built to last forever. In fact, you might get less than five years out of it. But a quality hot top or spa could last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Just make sure that whichever product you choose comes with a warranty.

A Guide to Understanding the Differences Between a Hot Tub vs Spa for Your Home

It's important to have a place to relax in your home. Fortunately, this guide to choosing a hot tub vs spa will help you determine the right match for your personal needs.

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