How To Decide if a Round Bed is for You

A bed is more than just the place you sleep at night. It is a place to find rest and relaxation, the center piece of a bedroom! After a long day at work, or on a cold rainy afternoon, what could be more peaceful than lying down on your soft round bed? Beds come in all different sizes, but did you know that they come in different shapes as well?

Traditionally a bed is square or rectangle in order to fit the room conveniently, but since when was sleeping on a confining shape convenient? Just think how wonderful it would be to come home and sprawl on your bed without fear of falling off! Because they are less common and don't fit in corners or along walls quite as conveniently, the thought of buying a round bed usually never occurs, or is disregarded immediately. There are a few factors to consider before disregarding the circle bed: Your bedroom is your personal living room, there isn't anything more important to fill the space, and when it really comes down to it, a circle is better for love-making.

First, your bedroom is your personal living room. The living room is the place where family gathers, friends visit, and guests are entertained. It is the show-off room of the house. Everyone sees it and a good amount of time are spent in it. Your bedroom as well is a place where much time is spent, but guess what - no one sees it but you. It is your own place to entertain, watch TV, relax, and express yourself. So why decorate traditionally? Why stick to the normal square bed when you could have a round one?

Second, think about what goes in a bedroom. A chest of drawers, a shelf, a lamp, a mirror, a bedside table and...a bed! Honestly, which of those furnishings is most important to have in a bedroom? The bed, of course...why else would it be called the Bed-Room? Many scruples over the round bed are that it takes up too much space, but what item is more used than the bed?

Last, a round bed is better for love-making. In the excitement, physical barriers sometimes get fuzzed and falling off of an edge could be an unpleasant interruption. Why take the chance? Because of its widening sides and rounded edges, falling off is easier to prevent and there seems to be more room to explore.

If you enjoy a large amount of room for sleeping and don't mind the space in your room being used mainly as a haven for relaxation then the round bed is definitely for you!


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