How To Decorate a 1920s Bedroom

If you wish to give your bedroom an added pizzazz, try to turn it into a 1920s bedroom. The vintage theme will provide it with an interesting personality, drawing mainly on the design opulence and pragmatism popular in the said period. Here are some tips on how to make a 1920s bedroom.

  • Concentrate on a color palette. Firstly, decide on the color palette that you will use for the room. The popular colors in the 1920s are light green, pink, and white. You can choose to focus on one color or incorporate all three in your design. For instance, you can choose a wall paper in pastel pink and white and use green accessories.
  • Use chintz. Chintz was one of the widely used fabrics in the '20s. You can use this for chairs, stools, bedspreads, and throw pillows. For added appeal, choose glazed chintz in light green, pink, and white. And don’t forget to pick something with elaborate design patterns such as floral and checkered.
  • Choose large furniture items. Furniture pieces in the 1920s were big, made of dark wood, and intricately decorated. So choose these kinds when decorating your bedroom. The bed, for instance, should have elaborate headboard and posts. There should also be a huge vanity and desk.
  • Buy art deco. Art deco was popularized in the 1920s and is perfect for room decoration. You can buy art deco posters and frames from flea markets, vintage stores, or online stores. Or if you want, you can look for art deco pictures and frame them yourself. Use gilded frames for an authentic 1920s look.
  • Buy vintage-looking curtains. Vintage-looking means elaborate and very detailed. The draperies are glazed chintz in thick and flowing structure. They provide a good backdrop with their highly decorative design patterns and alluring colors. Although pink, green, and white are good color options, curtains are better off with warm colors like orange and red.
  • Accessorize the bedroom. You have a lot of options when it comes to accessorizing a 1920s bedroom. Lampshades with golden accents, for instance, are good choices. You can also place perfume bottles on the vanity and a rich collection of beverage and wine bottles on one corner. Gilded mirrors, hat stand with a pearl necklace and feathers, boxes, antique figurines and vases, records, and an old telephone will give your bedroom an exquisitely vintage look as well.
  • Prioritize functionality. It is easy to be caught up in decorating the room that you forget its sole purpose: to give you a comfortable place to rest. So although you have to put all efforts to make it look cozy and vintage, you have to make sure it will serve its purposes. Otherwise, you will end up with a showroom not a bedroom.

If you pull it off, you can extend the vintage atmosphere to the other bedrooms. Now, this is a bigger decoration project. You have to buy more accents, replace certain furniture pieces, and do a lot of research. Although all rooms have the same theme, they should each have their own identity. This is pretty challenging, so get ready with your creative ideas.


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