How To Decorate a '50s Theme Kitchen

Life themes are cyclical. One moment old school motifs rule. The next day modern standards run the show. Nevertheless, no matter what the trends are you have the right to choose the theme of your life.

Start by creating a work of art in your home. Go to your kitchen and travel back in time to relive the glory days with a '50s theme kitchen.

1.    Start off with a ‘50s diner theme. Revitalize the look of your kitchen on the fact that people in the ’50s spent most of their time sipping milk shake within the warm, cheerful, and dynamic confines of local diners. Here are some of the things you have to work on.

  • Go black, white, and red. The tandem of black and white will bring you back to the traditional presentation of television shows and movies during the 50s. A touch of red like a fresh bouquet on your table top will bring forth a burst of freshness in the air. Supplement the black and white motif with a wall paint of either subtle gray or gentle beige. Bring more life to your kitchen by posting black and white images alongside vintage signs.
  • Accessorize. In order to get a better 50s vibe, utilize checkered tablecloth, striped hand towels, and floral place mats. Hang the ever famous chalkboard to help your guests know the specials of the day.
  • Set the mood. Kitchen appliances can help you create an environment fit for the 50s. Go for retro items like toasters, coffee pots, and chrome blenders. You can add the presence of transparent condiment holders, tall milk shake glasses, and clear class coffee mugs. If you are up to it, discard your microwave, food processor, dishwasher, and coffeemaker to establish a genuine 50s look.

2.    Search in the right places. Visit nearby thrift shops, garage sales, and secondhand stores to get the things you need. If you have more to spend then estate sales can provide you with 50s stuffs that are not found in your regular garage sales.

3.    A good foundation will give you a good start. As mentioned above black and white are the colors of the 50s therefore these two should be used in covering the very floor of your masterpiece. You have the option of using either linoleum or tiles.

4.    Create a vintage feeling. You can achieve this by focusing on the 50s style for your table and chairs. Formica top and chrome legs are the way to go for your table. Dress your metallic chairs with brightly colored vinyl.

5.    Tell time the 50s way. A famed clock during this time was a smiling cat with a switching pendulum tail.

6.    Sing your way to satisfaction. Let the rhythmic beats and mellow songs of the 50s echo through the walls of your kitchen. Listen to the masters like Bill Haley, Pat Boone, and Elvis as you cook up a tasty treat in celebration of your successful kitchen remodeling.

The condition of your kitchen is proportional to the foods produced. If you have the chance to create an environment that will enhance your performance make sure that you put all your efforts to succeed.


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