How To Decorate a Banquet Hall

When you throw a party in a banquet hall, decorating it will most likely fall on your lap. Very rarely does the banquet hall management decorate the place for their clients. Although this sounds bad news, it actually is something to be happy about. Just being in full control of the decoration is one big advantage. But how do you go about decorating a banquet hall? Easy--learn a thing or two from the tips below.

  • Learn of the management’s policies. You have to remember that although you call the shots, the management still has the say over what is allowed and what is not. So before you plan for the decorations, make sure the management’s policies are pretty clear to you. The policies vary, but many banquet halls don’t allow petals, balloons, sequins, glitters, and candles.
  • Think of a theme. To make decorating a lot easier, it is best to follow a theme. For weddings, for example, you can choose to have a vintage wedding, Hawaiian wedding, or a cowboy wedding. For children’s party, Disney and NASCAR themes are perfect.
  • Create a decoration diagram. Although not required, a decoration diagram will be a good help in decorating the banquet hall. On a piece of paper, draw a floor plan and decide where to situate the tables and chairs, cake table, loot bag table, gift table, DJ and music area, dance floor, and buffet area (if it is a buffet party). If you have a platform or a mini-stage, sketch the stage design. Then, list all the decors and party supplies that you will need.
  • Prepare all the materials and tools. Ahead of time, make sure to gather screwdrivers, nails, screws, hammer, scissors, and tapes. Papers, laces, and ribbons should be pre-cut. Put everything in labeled boxes and containers, so you can easily locate supplies. Prepare trash bags as well.
  • Decorate each table. First, decide on the tablecloths. White table cloths are often used, but you can use any color for as long as it matches your color scheme. To add life to each table, make very interesting centerpieces. For example, a bowl with floating silk flowers will create a serene atmosphere. Rare flowers that are beautifully arranged in a bundle are also visually appealing. Add ribbons and laces to the centerpieces to create an elegant look.
  • Have ceiling draperies. These draperies should also match your color scheme. The fabrics to use must be soft, elegant, and flowing. They can be arranged following a pattern.
  • Have a picture area. For a more a personalized appeal, you can also have a picture table in one area of the banquet hall. Preferably, it should be situated near the entrance so that guests can take a look as they enter. Cover the picture table with a fine, decorated fabric and line it up with the pictures of the birthday celebrant, newlyweds, or the guest of honor. Make sure to use picture frames that complement the theme.

To make the work a lot easier, have a team of creative and resourceful people. Three to five people are enough; more if the banquet hall is quite large. Aside from decorating the place, these people should also be responsible for cleaning the area before and after the event.


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