How To Decorate a Bathroom with Blue & Brown

Blue and brown combination sounds like odd, but it is in fact an eye-candy combo. This combination especially brings calmness to a bathroom, making it one of the most preferred color schemes. But the visual effect of this combination lies mainly on the choices of shades. If the right shades are picked, blue and brown color scheme creates an unspeakable serenity.
Learn how to use this color combination for a bathroom through the following tips.

  • Decide which between blue and brown will be the main color. This is important in balancing the overall visual effect of the bathroom. The main color should be in a darker shade, while the other one should only be in a complementary tone. This is not to say, however, that the other color should always be muted. It can also be in a bolder shade, provided that it does not compete with the main color.
  • Choose a color for the walls. Both blue and brown are good for the walls. Blue creates a peaceful atmosphere, while brown is organic in appeal. If you use blue, most of the bathroom elements, including the flooring and window treatments, should be in brown. The same thing applies if you use brown for the walls. Again, the goal here is to create a balanced look, a visually enticing whole with no competing colors. If you prefer, you can also use blue and brown together, but be sure to use a pattern that doesn’t lend a busy look.
  • Create accents. Combine blue and brown in making bathroom accents. For example, place blue flowers in a brown vase. Or brown twigs in a blue vase. You can also combine blue and brown pebbles in a small bowl. Potpourri makes a good bathroom accent as well. You can make this on your own if you cannot find a blue-and-brown potpourri in stores.
  • Buy your bathroom items. The items should be in a mixture of blue and brown. For instance, if the towels, shower curtain, and rugs are blue, the towel rack, shower curtain rings, and washcloths should be brown. The cabinetry can also be painted in brown, but have the knobs in blue. Be experimental in creating your ensemble. Just make sure to create a harmoniously assembled look.
  • Use a single pattern. Plain items create a smooth visual effect, but to add variety to the overall look, you can use bathroom items that carry a uniform pattern. You can, for instance, choose floral, stripes, checkered, or polka dots. Not all items should have a design pattern, though; preferably, only those main items should sport a pattern.

Just because your color scheme is comprised of blue and brown doesn’t mean you should stick to these colors only. You can still use other colors that will further define the color scheme but won’t attract attention. White and other light colors such as off-white, ivory, and cream are best for this purpose. The elements that can be in light colors are wall borders, mirror frames, picture frames, and other inconspicuous items.


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