How To Decorate a Bay Window

A bay window is like a window that sprouted out from your walls. This Victorian architecture-inspired window idea is ideal if your house is situated in a place where nice scenery is available. Besides, the main purpose of having a bay window is to have a nicer view of the outside.

However, more than just the viewing purpose, the bay window can be a special section of the room, too. It can be a nice spot where you wait for the sunrise or sunset. It can also be your favorite place during your childhood where you wait for your daddy to come home.

More than the sentimental value that a bay window has created or will create is the reality that it's just another part of the room that needs special attention. In most houses, a bay window is just bare—without curtains or anything. But you don't have to follow this boring tradition because there is nothing wrong if you decorate your bay window. Here's how to turn your once boring bay window into something that will give accent to your room or maybe to the entire house:

  1. Assess the room where the bay window is. The best decoration for the bay window will not only depend upon its size or style but the room where it is located. For instance, if it's in the living room, then it should be decorated with something that will welcome anyone to come to it and see the nice surroundings. But if it's in the kitchen, then it should be something that will just give you a break after a long and tiring kitchen job. If the bay window is in the room, then it should be decorated with something that will invite you to relax. See, it really depends upon the room so survey the room now and think of the best decorations for the bay window that will, of course, compliment the entire room.
  2. Hire a professional to do some constructions jobs—that is if you need to. Some households would decorate their bay window by actually changing its bare construction. If you need that, then hire a professional to do so.
  3. Read some nice decoration ideas for the bay window. You can start reading ideas here:
    • Curtains - One of the most popular decorations for a bay window is putting in a nice curtain. This will not only be a decoration but a way to give privacy for the room. That is why putting a curtain is ideal for bay windows inside bedrooms.
    • Chairs - Since bay windows are made for viewing, have some chairs in it for the special live viewing. If the space permits, you can have two upholstered chairs with throw pillows. You can also put a small table for coffee or tea sessions. Near the chairs can be a cabinet or small bookshelf.
    • Plants - Putting a plant in it will not only make the room fresher but it will add a natural spice for the bay window, too. You can have a nice chrysanthemum at the middle of the window and that will do the trick.
    • Lamps and lanterns - It will surely be beautiful to look at from the outside if your bay window has a soft light on.

However you have decided to decorate the bay window is okay as long as you don't overdo the decoration. Keep it as simple as possible if you want to make the window's ambiance very relaxing.


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