How To Decorate a Beach-Themed Bedroom

Whether you are a beach lover or simply love the serenity the beach creates, turning your bedroom into a beach getaway haven is as fun as running along the seashore. The cooling atmosphere of the colors, the vibrancy of the decorations, and the sunny appeal of the bedroom all relax your body and refresh your mind. And just like that, your bedroom becomes a piece of heaven. Wonder how to do it? Here’s what you should do.

  • Collect lots of beach mementos. Gather all the souvenirs you have of your beach vacations. Postcards, seashells, sea rocks, sand, and personal photos are good to have. Put the postcards and photos in beach-themed frames (enlarge them if you want). Then hang them on walls and put them in key areas. The seashells and sea rocks can line up a desk or table. The beach sand, meanwhile, can be used to adorn your other accessories.
  • Use blue and white all over. Bring the beach water and skies into your bedroom by having the colors blue and white in central pieces and accents of your design. The walls, for example, can be painted in very light blue and the cabinets in white. The curtains and draperies can also be in soft white fabric adorned with vibrant floral and beach patterns. What you want here is to get the feel of a beach windy afternoon, calmly kissing you with a breeze as the curtains are swept in.
  • Bring the sun in. Of course, you don’t want the sun to be left out, so try to incorporate yellow in your interior design. One frame, for instance, can be painted in bright yellow. A yellow ceiling fan can also be installed, which, by its position, can resemble the sun. Rugs can also be in yellow.
  • Take note of your bedding. There are lots of options for your bedding. You can make use of a bed sheet in blue, white, yellow, orange, and green and top it with a color-coordinated bedspread. The pillows should also be in matching colors. Depending on the color of your bedding, the pillows should be a tone lighter or darker. Use soft fabrics for the bedding and pillows, so you can feel the breezy calmness of a beach every night. If you want to push this decoration project further, hang a canopy over the bed.
  • Have a furniture makeover. You don’t necessarily have to buy new furniture for your beach-themed bedroom. You only need to freshen up those that you already have. To get the beach appeal, whitewash your furniture pieces so they will sport a bamboo-like whiteness. Try to sand the edges as well. The idea here is to make the furniture items look weather-worn. If you have to add furniture or replace some items, consider buying bamboo furniture pieces as they evoke the beach vibe. Go to thrift stores, garage sales, or secondhand stores for low-cost but functional furniture.

And lastly, consider the location of your furniture and decorations. They should be situated in practical areas to give you enough room to move around. Also, avoid overstuffing your bedroom. If it looks cramped to you, it probably is.


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