How To Decorate a Bedroom for Multiple Children

How will you decorate a room for multiple children, which should reflect the uniqueness and individuality of each child? This can be quite a complicated job, especially if the kids themselves want to incorporate their own ideas in the decoration. But it shouldn’t be as stressful as you imagine it to be. With the following tips below, this can be a pleasurable experience you can share with your kids.

  • Find something in common. To prevent the kids from bickering over the design aspects, identify the thing (or things) they mutually like and decorate the room around it. If the kids are all girls, this can probably be the love for fairies. If all boys, the love for cars. If they are of both genders, they probably like a particular kiddie show, movie, or cartoon character. Ask them one by one and draw a consensus.
  • Add individualized accents. While the room should be fitting to all children, it must have something that will evoke a sense of individuality in each one of them. For instance, you can hang individual art boards for the kids, allot a toy bin for each child, or paint each of their beds in their favorite colors. This way, each child will feel a sense of ownership even if the room is shared.
  • Paint the room in their choice of colors. This can be a little tough, since kids have their own favorite colors. What you can do, though, is to incorporate around two to three of their color suggestions. Make sure to choose pastel or light shades. Green, lavender, and yellow can make a statement together, while red and violet are a good pair. As much as you can, avoid using gender-specific colors.
  • Create a common study or art and craft area. It should be a place where the kids can make their home works or do art projects together. Having a study or art and craft area in the room helps in building and strengthening their bond. Although sharing is good, it will help if the kids have their own school and art supplies. Give them their personal boxes and containers, which of course should be properly labeled.
  • Choose decorations carefully. When decorating your kids’ bedroom, their safety should always be your top priority. So if you have very small kids, make sure the decors are safe and are not choking hazards. Those that are hung from the ceiling and mounted on the walls should be securely attached to prevent them from falling off and causing accidents. For instance, mobile decors, which are common in planetary-themed bedroom, must be nailed properly and sturdily.
  • Avoid clutter-potential decor. One kid is enough to make a room cluttered. So imagine what will become of a room if you pack two or more kids in it. The trick here is to put few decors. Wall frames, paintings, and photos are enough. Little trinkets like toy figurines, snowballs, and the likes don’t make good room decors because they can potentially land in many places—you know, floor, beds, closets, and desk.

Things can be a lot easier if the kids sharing the room belong to the same age bracket. But if older kids share a room with younger ones, you have to handle things differently. In fact, you might want to divide the room for the two age groups to keep the room a lot more organized.


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