How To Decorate a Bedroom in a Victorian Romantic Style

The bedroom is the only spot in your home that truly belongs to you and your significant other. It is a private area where both of you should focus on rest, relaxation, and passionate lovemaking. With this said, you have to work extra hard to maintain an atmosphere that will support the required elements. There are themes that you can rely on to keep your bedroom on a positive note.

Here are some guidelines that you can follow in decorating your bedroom using the highly regarded style of the Victorian era to create a Victorian Romantic style bedroom.

  1. Start with the bed. No matter what the size is there are Victorian components that should be adhered on. Bedsteads of double size beds are commonly equipped with materials like brass, cast iron, wood, or a mixture of the last two metals. You have two ways to go when you desire the comforts of a queen or king size bed. You can either spend a significant amount on the modernized version or employ the services of a seasoned carpenter. Either way you have to ensure that the vintage and antique look is not compromised. Selection of bed accessories like pillows, flounces, quilts, ribbons, coverings, draperies, lace, and eyelet should be made based on what existed during the period.
  2. Proceed with the tables. There are different styles to choose from when it comes to tables that must possess Victorian traits. The period was marked by tables with elegant marble tops and nightstands in wicker, bamboo, and round skirted tables. An antique feel can be established via wooden tables carved with Victorian identity. Moreover, adornment of the top tables can be done with candlesticks made from brass or crystal with the addition of vintage but functional lamps. These lamps can be situated on top of doily rugs that can be enhanced by varying crochet patterns.
  3. Drawer and dressers are next in line. The significant materials involved in creating dark stain effects are mahogany, walnut, and oak. Typical Victorian storage facilities can be showcased with carvings and pediments. Do not neglect the essence of carved-wood or case-brass drawer pulls for an authentic Victorian touch to exist. Marble table tops, candle holders, and mirrors are your basic adornments.
  4. Let rugs remind you of history. Rugs are significant in building a good Victorian foundation. Cover up the entirety of your room floor to cook up a scent of nobility in the air. You have numerous forms to choose from which can be machine made or hand crafted.
  5. Give way to Victorian walls. The paintings during this time revolved around common endeavors of women and children with animals and plants in their most natural state. Mirrors having wood stained or gold polished frames will do your room wonders. If you prefer to establish a floral feel make use of vase types that were dominant during this era. Moreover, put on a dazzling display of collectibles like china plates and figurines.
  6. See wonders in your windows. Use fresh colors for your drapes and curtains. There are countless presentations like braid, valances, ruffles, bows, tassels, and lace that you can call on to be part of your window makeover. Velvet and brocade are the ideal fabric types that can provide you with a sweet Victorian space.

The bedroom is your own personal space. It provides an escape away from the constant pressures of the urban jungle. Treat it accordingly and it will return the favor.


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