How To Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

Your bedroom has to be decorated according to your taste. You spend most of your time here, and relaxation is achieved if your bedroom is beautifully decorated. But whatever decoration it will be, it should be within your budget. There are no rules in decorating a bedroom. As long as it is affordable and it makes you happy, go for it.

  1. The first step is planning. How much do you plan to invest in your room decoration? You have to get ideas from magazines and go to places where you can find tips on what to decorate in your bedroom. Think of the design for your bedroom. You may want a couch or a study area. 
  2. Take the measurement of your room and make a floor layout on a piece of paper. Consider which pieces of furniture you will keep and which ones you will discard. This doesn't necessarily mean throwing away those that you will discard. You can sell them or give them to charity. But remember that furniture can be repainted or repaired to look new.
  3. Again, check your budget. Will your chosen style and color fit into the budgeted amount you set for your bedroom? Sometimes your relatives and friends are willing to share with you their favorite used bed sheets, pillows, blankets or sometimes even carpets. 
  4. Start with the beddings. Identify a store that sells cheap but stylish beddings. If you have small pillows, maybe you can convert them into a big one as a home-made couch to be placed against the wall. It will look classy but free.
  5. Also include in your budget the paint color of the room. You can go to home stores for cheaper paints. Drapes and blinds also pose a major portion of your budget. But you can also make your own ruffled drapes. Instead of curtain rings, you can add a fabric loop. Hang your curtains in place using inexpensive hooks. This leaves your budget in tact for other items. 
  6. Accessorize your bedroom. Look for garage sales for possible items to add to your decor. Table lamps are best to decorate your room. You can also hang plates or letterings over your bed. Traditional artwork is not very much in style these days.
  7. Rearrange your furniture if your budget cannot accomodate new items. You can add a small bookshelf and a chair near the window for reading. Your dresser could have a jewelry tree. Your earrings, necklaces and bracelets could be used to decorate your jewelry tree. 

Decorating a bedroom need not push your budget to a premium. Your bedroom is the most private part of your house, where you keep all your personal items. You can relax and recharge in it while enjoying a stylish and peaceful retreat. After decoration, your bedroom should be your dream room, with a very put-together look. It reflects your flare, your style, your theme, and your ambition.


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