How To Decorate a Bedroom with Candles

Rose candles on water

Using candles to provide temporary lighting for your bedroom can set the mood for relaxation and comfort or for a more romantic ambience. Candles are very effective means to set up the mood inside the bedroom but it is a known fact that candles can be hazardous if used improperly.

Aromatic candles set the mood for relaxing and meditation. They give off scents that can stimulate the senses or help you sleep better. Soft candlelight is conducive to soft and light conversation when you when you want some bonding time with your spouse. Use candles effectively to decorate a bedroom with these tips.

  1. Choose candles that are smokeless and non-drip. Fat and squat candles are more suited for the bedroom. Look for candle holders to hold these types of candles. Ceramic, metal and glass holders that complement the other interior furnishings in your bedroom will tie in the overall style of your bedroom interior.
  2. Choose aromatic candles in various complimentary scents for a spa-like ambience in your room to promote rest and relaxation and some deep thinking. Light a few complimenting scents and place them around the room. Keep them away from furniture and curtains. Lavender, lemon and peppermint is a good combination that helps you to relax, ease you tension and relieve headache as well as help you to sleep soundly. The lingering scents will cling to clothing and drapery and will remain in the room even after you have fallen asleep.
  3. Use a big fishbowl and fill half of it with water. Light a few floating candles and place them in the fish bowl. The quantity of the votive candles and the reflective surfaces of water and glass will give a stronger light.
  4. For additional safety buy candle lanterns. These are modern candle lanterns made of heat metal or glass. You will have less worry even if your fall asleep with the candles still on inside the candle lanterns. There are also candle lanterns that are made of more heat-resistant materials that will make it safer to use inside the bedroom.
  5. The colors of the candles should also be considered when you want to use them to decorate the bedroom. Use earth toned candles if your bedroom décor leans towards the country style. Use metallic colors for a very cool and stylishly modern bedroom. Bright and bold-colored candles can be used for contemporary and hip bedrooms of younger people.
  6. Tapers and long candles will go well with long and thin candles holders. Saucer type and shallow tubs will look good for fat and short candles.
  7. Buy some shallow plates that are made specifically to hold at least four big candles. Place candles of varying heights or shapes them. They can look good as accent item on a corner table or on top of the dresser when not lighted. There are several candle holders that double as decorative accessories that can complement your bedroom décor. Some are made of wood, metal, ceramic and glass.
  8. Look for scented candles that come in monochromatic colors and varying heights. They look especially good on a metal or ceramic tray. Wrap the tallest candle with a long-stemmed artificial flower. Add some shiny colored rocks, white sand and shells around the candles. These arrangements are mainly used for decorative purposes and give focus to a low table or a tall corner table inside the bedroom. You can also make candle arrangements using wide and tall glass tubes and fishbowls.

Exercise caution when using candles to decorate the room. Candle wax can stain and ruin polished surfaces. Candle smoke can stain certain types of fabrics. Other than that, candles are a very good source of light when you want to relax and enjoy a romantic evening. Make sure that you extinguish every lighted candle that you have in the bedroom before you go to sleep.


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