How To Decorate a Black and White Bathroom

A black and white bathroom can be a joy to decorate. White is a very basic color scheme that can provide a clean canvas for well-chosen decorative pieces. It is very clean and streamlined and a few accent items can turn an ordinary bathroom into a very chic and elegant one. A black and white bathroom has a very Zen-like feel to it and with the right decoration it can be your most favorite place in the house for relaxation and energy-recharging. Read on for tips on how to decorate a black and white bathroom.

  1. Check the condition of your bathroom floor. Provide a dramatic finish to a drab bathroom floor by installing vinyl tiles, either in all-black if your fixtures are white or use black and white vinyl tiles and arrange them in a checker board pattern.
  2. Hang light airy curtains in black and white patterns like stripes, animal handprints, and black and white drawings. Use black or chrome finished curtain rods for contrast.
  3. Provide great contrast by having a black tub and floor and stark white fixtures. Install black shower curtains with white patterns or vice versa.
  4. A black countertop is easier to maintain than a white one as this tends to hide some stains. Use white dispensers and containers to break down the color of the countertop. Brass, chrome, gold or stainless steel hooks and hangers will provide dramatic contrast if you are so inclined to breakdown the monotony of black and white or go for white on white hooks and hangers. You can also vary the theme with white on black and black on white accents.
  5. Get a black plastic open shelf and display a collection of folded towels arranged alternately. Use big black or white ceramic bowls to hold small items such as bath salts and guest soaps. Use small white or black cups to hold some potpourri. Place these in strategic areas of your bathroom to give your bathroom a delightful scent. Black cabinets with white door handles and vice versa are good pieces to include in your black and white bathroom furnishings.
  6. Place a white wicker or recliner inside your bathroom if space permits. Use this when you want to relax and meditate inside your black and white bathroom. White invites calmness. Play some soothing music and burn some incense or scented oils.
  7. Paint your bathroom door black or white. Check if you can reverse the paint color on the outside for a chic look, depending on the color scheme you have for the rest of the house. A black door can open to a mainly white bathroom with black accents. This will make your bathroom look airier, spacious and light.
  8. Decorate your bathroom door with interesting decals to tie up the whole look of the bathroom. Use black switch plates on an overly black wall. Use contrasting bathroom carpets to enliven the area and for contrast.

When you decorate a black and white bathroom, do not go overboard. Select a few items that will provide the most contrast to the bathroom interior. Too much black will make the bathroom look small and cramped. White will give the bathroom an illusion of wider space and more black-colored items can be used as accents.


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