How To Decorate a Bookshelf

Messy bookshelves can turn an otherwise attractive room into a visually disorganized place. On the contrary, neatly arranged bookshelves can be an additional decorative piece. So don’t overlook those bookshelves. It they are sitting there looking cluttered, you are losing items of interest. If you are willing to turn the bookshelves into a masterpiece, keep these decoration tips in mind.

  • Clean the bookshelves. First things first, clean any dust or dirt off the bookshelves. This will of course require you to remove all the books from the bookshelves, so you better be physically prepared. Using mildly damp cloth, wipe all the bookshelves, including the inside back. Then, decide whether you need to repaint the bookshelves. If you choose to repaint, make sure to use the original paint color or any color that complements theme of the room. And while you are at it, you might also want to paint the inside back of the shelves in the color of the wall. This will give a built-in bookshelf illusion.
  • Designate the shelves for decorations. Remember that not all shelves should contain books. A few of the shelves should be reserved for the decorations. To add visual interest, choose shelves with a pattern in mind. For example, make a diamond pattern by assigning the top, bottom, and center-left, and center-right shelves for decorations.
  • Arrange the books. Bookshelf decoration begins in arranging the books back on the shelves. You can follow any arrangement order you want. For instance, you can group together books in similar color. This will create an interesting visual display, especially if your books have varying colors. You can also put all thick and heavy books on the bottom shelves. This shelf should hold the weight, keeping the bookcase’s balance. Make sure the books fill an entire shelf. Otherwise, they might slump down, creating a sloppy look.
  • Decide on the decorations. Anything that has decorative value can be put on the shelves. Framed photographs, figurines, vase, pots, globe, and seashells are good choices. Remember to put the decors in logical locations. For instance, breakable decors should be put far from the shelves of children’s books, as they might likely to fall off when kids try to access books. A big globe, meanwhile, can be placed right beside the shelves of history and geographical books.
  • Put decorative containers. Containers are useful if you want to put important but potentially messy items on the bookshelves: Magazine holder for magazines and catalogs, antique boxes for important documents, and recycled bottle containers for office supplies. Put these containers on the bottom shelves or anywhere you can easily access them.
  • Add plants. You can either use silk or real plants for the bookshelves. When you choose real plants, however, be sure to water them off the shelf so you won’t risk wetting the books.

Finally, remember to update the look of your bookshelves once in a while. You can, for example, change the decor or the placement of the books. Although it can be a tiring task, it likewise updates the look of the room.


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