How To Decorate a Brick Fireplace

A brick fireplace can sometimes look dull and unattractive. But because it serves as the focal point of the room, it is greatly necessary that the brick fireplace is decorated as richly as any other important parts of the house. This is not a complicated procedure. In fact, decorating a brick fireplace is surprisingly easy. Here’s how.

  • Repaint the brick fireplace. The brick fireplace looks dull often because of its faded color. So consider having it repainted. The most common colors used for brick fireplace are yellow, brown, red, and white. To make the painting job easy, consider buying a fireplace painting kit. This kit has everything you need—from the paint itself to the brushes. Many of these kits even have instructional videos, so you won’t have any trouble painting.
  • Add a new screen. You don’t have to buy a new screen if your old one still works fine, but since you are in a decoration project, you might as well change the screen. It is best to use a screen with wrought iron so it gives your fireplace a bolder look. If you prefer, you can also make use of glass doors.
  • Adorn the mantel. As far as decoration is concerned, the mantel is the central part because it is the first that catches the eye. What’s good is that you have a lot of decoration options for the mantel. In fact, you can put whatever you want for as long as the item adds beauty. Consider using vases, portraits, frames, sculptures, different kinds of artwork, and candles. Arrange the decorative items in an eye-pleasing order. The candles, for instance, can be placed at both sides, while the vases, portraits, and artworks take the middle space. Try to experiment. You don’t have to follow a strictly balanced order. In fact, asymmetrical arrangement can make an interesting visual statement.
  • Decorate the hearth. The hearth is another part that needs decoration. For this part, you can put topiary at one side and fireplace tool set at the other side. Basket of flower arrangements, pine cones, and cornucopia can also make a stunning appeal. Rug is another necessary item not only for its decorative purpose but also for its ash-collecting function.
  • Decorate according to season. You can also use seasonal decorations for your brick fireplace. For instance, you can hang Christmas stockings, bulbs, and mini-Santa decors during Christmas season. In fall, try to decorate the fireplace with vines, lights, and a basket of fall foliage. Fruits and beautifully arranged flowers are perfect for the spring. During the Halloween, you can place pumpkins, bat decors, and a witch broomstick. Of course, decorating the brick fireplace every season and occasion can be somewhat laborious, but this will give the room an endearing look.

You have a lot more decoration options if you don’t use the brick fireplace. You can, for instance, put accessories inside the fireplace such as candelabra. You can also consider painting it. To make decoration a lot more enjoyable, make this a family affair. Ask the kids to join you and let them decide on the decorations.


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