How To Decorate a Closet Door

Closet doors can be plain and boring. A closet can be just another essential piece of furniture that you tend to overlook, a solid, single color piece of furniture to store things. You can get tired looking at it day in and day out, or you can jazz it up to make it a focal point of interest or add a complementing touch and make a room bright and contemporary. There is no limit to what you can do to decorate a closet door. It begins with your decorative flair and your desire to liven up your room with a decorated closet door. You can make the decoration permanent or semi-permanent. Read on for tips on how to decorate a closet door.

  1. If the closet is in the living room area, consider painting it in a color that will coordinate or contrast with the color scheme you have chosen for the room. Painting it in a complementary color scheme will tie up the look of the whole room. Using a contrasting paint color will make the closet stand out and make it the focal point of interest in the living room.
  2. Choose the modern stick-on accents that can be found in craft stores and DIY shops. There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from. Choose designs and colors that will stand out and make closet door look like a piece of art.
  3. If the closet door handles are ordinary looking, you may consider replacing these with burnished metal ones that are decorative and functional.
  4. Stencils can add texture and accent to a closet door. With stencils you can place random patterns and designs to the whole closet door or use them to border the door frame.
  5. Reflective mirrors can be used to cover closet door panels. Use slightly smaller size mirrors to cover the closet door panels and frame them with decorative molding. The mirrors will make the room look bigger and deeper by reflecting light and some of the items in the room.
  6. For a contemporary and hip look that you can easily change, look at the new peelable and non-woven, non-vinyl wallpapers that you can use to cover the closet door panels. This is an inexpensive way to change the look of the closet doors as you fancy.
  7. Use decorative wallpaper borders to accent just the frame of the closet doors for an elegant look. Choose designs or patterns in colors that will accent and complement the colors of your other furniture pieces.
  8. Use favorite colors, characters and designs for closets that are inside children’s rooms. You can find decals and wood cut outs at specialty shops and DIY stores that can make closet doors more appealing to the user. Change the door handles based on the chosen theme.
  9. Paint the closet door panels in a contrasting shade and add decorative wood trims in accent colors to frame the door panels. Use colors that match and contrast the other colors in the room.
  10. If you do not want a permanent make-over for your closet doors, place coordinating curtains in designs that pick up the colors of the room. Hold the curtains in place with curtain rods placed at the top and bottom of the closet doors. For a finishing touch gather the curtains in the middle and tie it with contrasting ribbons.

Decorating a closet door is quite easy now with the availability of decorating materials available in many shops. Choose a decorating technique that will be easy for you to do on your own. Consider the ease of cleaning when you decide to decorate the closet door and the overall effect it will give not only to the closet but also to the whole room.


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