How To Decorate a Coffee Shop

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A coffee shop is a great hub for socializing and informal meetings. Coffee shops nowadays are in demand for small meetings and as an alternative venue for review sessions and between class break periods. Students and young professionals are the habitués of modern day coffee shops. Great ambience can be created with the right decoration and furniture, aside of course, from the great coffee. Today’s coffee shop furniture and décor is more eclectic and colorful, contributing to the bright and airy feel. There are several ways to decorate a coffee shop when budget is a major consideration.

  1. Decide what theme you want the interior of the coffee shop should be. Browse interior decorating magazines. The Internet is a great source of information. You can browse a number of sites where you can get inspirations and great ideas and where to source out furniture.
  2. Consider your location as this has a bearing on your decoration. There are some malls that follow some design and color scheme and a specific look. If this is the case, then it will be easier to you to look for posters and photographs, paint colors, tables and chairs,
  3. Consider the natural light source of the coffee shop. You can have brighter lights during the day particularly if the coffee shop has three open glass walls and more mellow and dramatic lighting at night.
  4. Look for posters that echo the coffee shop’s overall theme. Some shops look for posters and/or photographs showing different kinds of coffee beans and coffee trees and flowers. Others showcase their other products like different coffee mixes, while others go for black and white retro posters like those of Charlie Chaplin and other beautiful black and white artistic photographs.
  5. Select tables and chairs that are modern, sturdy, functional and easy to maintain. You can provide upholstered seats for cubicle seating for larger groups and round or square tables that can seat two or four people.
  6. Look for decals and curio items that can go with your theme. Paint the walls in clean and cool colors that will make the coffee shop look spacious and neat during the day and can turn into a place that is warn and cozy during the evening with dramatic lighting. Glass and stainless steel provide for a really clean look.
  7. Look for artists in your locality who may be willing to lend you some of his works to hang on your walls in exchange for displaying and selling some of his other works. That will take care of most of your decoration.
  8. A big blank wall can be turned into a sort of graffiti wall. Place a big square blank canvas and provide colored markers so patrons can leave some notes. Just make sure that you have some guidelines in place so that the notes are within the boundaries of decency. You can also provide sticky notes in different colors that patrons can write on and stick to a blank poster.

Limit your use of overall color scheme to one or two colors only and use posters, photographs and lighting to provide additional colors and contrasts. Decorating a coffee shop depends on the type of the majority of customers you are likely to attract - their gender, age, and occupation.


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