How To Decorate a Country Home

The first thing to remember is that the country style is woven around a philosophy, which, in common with other vintage styles states that a house is supposed to be lived in. Everything in the house, therefore, should be dedicated to the single purpose of making life comfortable, enjoyable, and easy for its occupants. An unmentioned underlying principle is that one's house is where he'll stay for good. This explains why country homes often give the impression of timelessness, reflecting the occupants' belief in lasting relationships. Consider the following tips when decorating in the country style.

Step 1

Choose floral colors and patterns for your drapes, wallpaper and even slipcovers. Consider especially deep reds, browns and forest greens.

Step 2

Use only the appropriate furniture. Richly-upholstered wing chairs are a de rigueur in the living room. For the other rooms, you might consider ladder-back chairs. The country style is characterized by lowboys, highboys, secretaries, and sofas in ornate rococo. You might consider getting yourself these. Choose dark-stained mahogany and walnut. You might also consider a Queen Anne for your dining table. If budget is not a problem, go get a Sheraton sofa.

Step 3

Remember, in the country style, the older the better. Also remember: never use chrome in your furniture. Brass yes, chrome no. A good thing to keep in mind when choosing furniture might be that sofas and easy chairs should be immensely sinkable. Comfort is a great issue in cottage homes. Slipcovers are okay.

Step 4

Choose your patterns wisely. These may include floral patterns, checks and stripes with ornamental trimming of pendent cords, loose threads or tassels. Glazed cotton fabrics printed in various colors exude elegance. Use it.

Step 5

Use appropriate accent pieces. Consider paintings of an English hunt, framed butterflies, china in open shelves or a framed English landscape. Don't use shiny finish on the frames; gilded frames slightly worn off in some parts would be perfect. Consider likewise crystal candelabras, corduroy for slipcovers to add texture, and pillows with floral patterns. And while you're at it, how'd you like to add horse bridles, brass hinges in doors, and stenciled walls? In the kitchen you might have iron wall racks, metal artwork, copper pots and cabinets with slightly distressed paint. Don't forget that it's perfectly all right to have an abundance of collectibles: curios from all over the world, miniature dolls, Santa figurines. Remember though, when arranging your collectibles, never to get to that point where one has to tread carefully for fear of tripping over some antique piece. Feel free to put in an occasional foreign influence, Asian, for instance: a well-used Oriental rug or a bamboo fruit basket.

Step 6

No bare walls ever--remember that. Wallpaper them, using floral patterns in the same general color of deep red, browns and greens. Never use blinds on windows, only drapes. When choosing drapes, use ones with floral designs--preferably sheer ones.

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