How To Decorate a Fireplace with Mini Lights

Mini lights are more frequently used for holidays such as Christmas, or during celebrations and other special occasions to add to the festive atmosphere. Not only are they used as indoor and outdoor decorations to spruce up other adornments, they can be used anytime of the year to lend a special glow to any area they may be chosen to be placed in. The fireplace is one such location where mini lights can be used. Since a lot of homes have them situated at an area where guests would normally gather with family members, decorating the fireplace with mini lights can do a lot when it comes to prettying up a room. Here are a few ideas on how you can efficiently make use of these tiny lights whether during the holidays or any time of the year:

  • Christmas is of course one of the best times to adorn your fireplace with mini lights. Hanging a wreath of ribbons and bows or Christmas flowers and other ornaments would look great above your fireplace. Place your mini lights in such a way that they appear scattered about the wreath and keep them twinkling in between the wreath’s embellishments. You may also want to twist them around a Christmas garland on your fireplace mantle. Spread out colorful balls around the garland to complete the Christmas look. Hang a pretty mirror above your fireplace and decorate its edges with Christmas ornaments. Incorporate your mini lights into the edges as well.  Ivy falling along the sides of the fireplace and strewn with mini lights are also an attractive way to decorate during this season. Create your own holiday village on your fireplace mantle and use mini lights to illuminate your miniature houses.
  • Autumn is always heralded by beautiful and vibrant colors. Create an autumn wreath of flowers and fruits, stick in a few mini lights and hang over your fireplace. As with your Christmas mantle, you can make a fall mantle too and use your mini lights to enhance the colors of your autumn decorations. Create a mantle garland made from leaves and berries and twist in mini lights of orange or yellow. You may drape this over or beneath the fireplace mantle.
  • For spring, simply make a garland of flowers in a variety of colors to keep up with the spirit of the season. Place tiny white lights around them so they are illuminated but do not clash with the colors. Make a wreath of flowers and twist your lights around them to be hung over your fireplace mantle.
  • For any other time of the year, you could still make use of your mini lights to adorn your fireplace. Little sculptures and other memorabilia could be placed on a mantle scarf , draped around the fireplace. Arrange your mini lights around the items to create a focal point for your decorations.

Mini lights come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your particular needs. You may also choose to get those that use batteries as a safety measure. These lights can transform your fireplace  into a work of art and give your room the perfect atmosphere, whatever the season may be.


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