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Foyer decoration

They say first impressions are everything. You want the first impression of your home to be a positive one. Whether you have a large formal foyer or just a small space on the wall next to your front door, you can create an inviting entryway into your home.

  1. Add some color. If walking into your house is about as exciting as walking into your local library, you need some help. The first thing to address is white walls -- get rid of them! Consider painting the walls a warm color. Even if you aren't ready to dive into a daring color like a deep red, at least go with some sort of sand or khaki colored paint. Even this small step will make a huge difference in the look of your entryway.
  2. Create a focal point. Every foyer needs something grand; either a framed mirror or a favorite painting is a safe bet. Under this hanging focal point should be a table that fits the scale of your entryway. It looks nice if this is a semi-circular or a rectangular table pushed against the wall. If this table has shelves, all the better! Fill in with decorative touches that match your decor. Items such as candles, picture frames, and seasonal touches work great here. It is also nice to have a place to leave your keys, whether it be on a hook or in a decorative tray on the tabletop.
  3. Create a scent. You want your guests to step into your home and feel welcome according to all their senses, including that of smell. Eucalyptus (available at any craft store) arranged in a vase creates a lovely aroma. This is also where the candle can come into play, assuming it is a subtle, yet comforting scent.
  4. Create ambiance with lighting. Another component to a great entryway is lighting. Whether it be a table lamp, a floor lamp, or some tasteful overhead lights, you want to set the mood for your guests with your lighting selection. Make sure you are not overcrowding the table or floor, though. Clutter is NOT welcoming!
  5. Create seating. If you have room for a comfy chair or a wooden bench, it can be a functional touch to your cozy entry. It allows a place to take off shoes when entering the home, or a quick place to set down a purse.

The reward for your attention to detail will be the compliments you receive the next time you have someone over: "Oh, what a lovely home!"


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