How To Decorate a Garden Themed Bedroom

Bring nature into the bedroom by decorating with elements found in a garden.  A garden themed bedroom is guaranteed to give its occupant a restful time, day or night.  It’s not difficult to achieve this look.  With a little creativity, you can easily bring the garden into the bedroom.  Here are some great ideas that you can use.

  • Use floral linens.  The easiest way to add a touch of nature into any bedroom is by using floral bed sheets, pillow covers, comforters, quilts, duvets and shams.  You can also use fabrics that are light and in pastel shades.  Ruffles will complement the garden theme and so will materials made of lace or eyelet.
  • Hang light and airy curtains.  Stay clear of heavy fabrics for the curtains even if they are floral.  Instead, use curtains made of light or sheer materials for that breezy feel.  Instead of regular curtains rods, try hanging the curtains on tree-branch style rods.  
  • Choose the right a bed.    Find a cast-iron bed painted in white and decorated with metal ivy leaves or flowers.  Brass beds will also do the trick.   Install a headboard that looks like a white picket fence.  A plain headboard can be upholstered.  Use floral fabric to cover the headboard.
  • Install a trellis.  On one side of the wall, install a white or an off-white trellis.  Decorate the trellis with silk flowers and foliage.
  • Place a garden type table in the room. You can put a small round or square table beside the trellis or beside the window.  The table can be wrought iron, wicker, wood or glass.  You can place a floral or pastel tablecloth on the table if you wish.  Make sure the chair matches the table.  The seat can be upholstered with floral fabric.  For a wood table, it should look weathered to get that garden feel.
  • Decorate with floral garlands or grapevines.  Hang a garland or a wreath made of flowers in the room. Grapevines will look great in a garden inspired bedroom.  
  • Apply floral or garden-themed wallpaper.  There are many garden inspired wallpaper designs in the market today.  Some are floral while others are decorated with foliage.  Choose something that is not so overpowering.  If your wallpaper is already floral, use plain linens and curtains in light shades.
  • Add a birdcage in the room.  As an accent to your garden themed bedroom, place an iron birdcage on top of your dresser or shelf.
  • Apply stencil art.  You can find stencils in flower, leaf and butterfly designs in most craft stores.  Stencil the walls, headboard, dresser or cabinets.  You can also hand paint flowers, garden insects, birds, leaves or garden scenes in the room.
  • Hang paintings or pictures depicting garden scenes.  Grouped botanical prints would look great in a garden themed bedroom.  Paintings of English gardens, meadows, various flowers and plants will also add a certain garden charm to the room.
  • Decorate with other garden inspired items.  Dot the room with butterflies.  Use an antique watering can as a flower vase.  Clay pots can be used to store knick-knacks.  Hang a wind chime near the window.  Visit your local garden store and see what other items you can use to decorate the bedroom.

These are just a few of the many ways to decorate a garden themed bedroom.  If you need more ideas, find pictures of garden inspired rooms on the Internet.  Or simply visit your local botanical garden for additional inspiration.


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