How To Decorate a Garden with Old Gardening Tools

Gardening is a very relaxing and rewarding hobby.  Some choose to plant flowering plants to add beauty and drama to their garden.  Others sow vegetables and herbs that end up on the dinner table.  If you are an avid garden, you probably have a collection of gardening tools.  After years of use, these tools tend to be discarded and replaced by shiny new ones.  But wait! Don’t be too hasty in getting rid of your old gardening tools.  New ones may look and work better but your old gardening tools can still be used to decorate your garden. 

Typical garden tools

Home gardeners usually have most of the garden tools below.  The more avid a gardener you are, the more tools you probably have.

Decorating with old gardening tools

  • Clean the tools.  Before you use the tools for decorating the garden, clean them first.  For muddy tools, spray the tools with water then scrub the mud off the tools using a brush with stiff bristles.  The more caked-on the mud is, the harder it is to remove so be patient.  You can remove sap from your pruner or blades using paint thinner.  Just dip a rag into the thinner and rub it on the tools with dried sap on them.  Rust can be removed using steel wool or a wire brush.  Coat metal tools with oil to keep them from rusting.
  • Use watering cans as flower holders.  Watering cans come in different shapes and sizes.  Use old metal watering cans to grow plants in.  Make sure to bore holes under the watering can so water can drain from the soil.  If you have a gazebo or a table in the garden, use the watering can as a flower holder.  Fill it with colorful blooms to decorate the table or place it at the entrance of the gazebo.
  • Display old gardening tools.  Place hooks at the side of your garden shed if you have one.  Hang your old gardening tools on the hooks.  One part of a trellis can also be used to display small gardening tools.  If you can find antique gardening tools so much the better.  Antique gardening tools can be used to decorate your garden as well as the inside of your home.
  • Turn them into yard art.  If welding is your thing, why not weld together the different metal garden tools.  Creative enthusiasts have made animals out of rakes, springs and other small metal tools.  Come up with metal yard art that is truly a one of a kind conversation piece.  You can also use your craft skills to turn small metal tools into different creatures.  Stick googly eyes on them using superglue.  Use fabric for different facial features.  Cardboard can be used to create body parts.  With an imaginative mind and a pair or creative hands, you can come up with decorative yard art that is unique.

Old gardening tools and other gardening items do not have to be kept in the shed or thrown away.   These items can be used to decorate your garden.  Let your creative juices flow and think of other ways to use old tools in a new way.  Old gardening tools can add a certain charm to any garden, big or small. 


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