How To Decorate a Hallway

You may have experienced seeing hesitation on your visitors’ faces upon entering your house. Even your family members aren’t that thrilled to come home either. The disorderly and overly plain hallway may be the culprit. So get your working hands ready and follow these simple ideas on how you can decorate your hallway.

  • Visualize in your mind’s eye the décor finale of the hallway. Think of how you want your hallway to look like. You may have taken great pains in creating a welcoming ambience in your reception room, but think about how your guests would feel upon passing through uncoordinated and chaotic hallways on their way to other parts of the house. You need not waste excessive time, effort and money on decorating your hallway. Simply choose a motif that blends well with the rest of the house and, from there, work with a home décor style that is simple, clean and clutter-free.
  • Furniture overload is a big no-no. Furnishing isn’t a bad idea, as long as you keep it to a minimum. Don’t turn your hallway into a living room by setting up bulky chairs and oversized tables, or cabinets for that matter. Try setting up a slim flower vase arrangement on a tall and slender table, only on the hallway’s edges and, of course, never at the center point. Unnecessary clutter should be avoided.  Decorate within boundaries that do not overpower the main function and purpose of having hallways. Aside from it being very impractical and risky for your pocket, it’s very exhausting for guests to keep on bumping into one of your fixtures every time they visit the john.
  • Set up fine lights. Hallways without appropriate lighting are truly inconvenient, not only to visitors, but to you as well. Your choices may range from bright to sophisticated lights. Try setting up simple yet elegant wall lights. You can also add in colorful lights that match the wall paintings and turn them on come special evening gatherings. Aside from wanting to create a welcoming atmosphere, always consider the comfort and safety of the people passing through the hallways.
  • Embellish accessories in the hallway. Add in paintings, photographs and prints on the walls. Place them in plain sight where people can easily and conveniently take a look. Make your wall a piece of art. You can even arrange a nice art gallery or exhibit on subtle curio shelves. But don’t go overboard; even art can cause chaos to the eyes, so furnish your hallway simply but with a fine touch of elegance.
  • Paint the wall and ceiling. The paint on your wall and ceiling can greatly affect the entire hallway. Even if your decorations are undeniably gorgeous, a wrong selection of paint color will dramatically nullify whatever beauty and order your hallway may promise to flaunt. Pale colors can create a feel of lonesomeness, but if you mix them with a perfect partner, the results can be wonderful. Go for green colors; they produce a natural and relaxed tone for the visual senses. Furthermore, be cautious about choosing white colors, as white is vulnerable to drawing in filth and grease that may ruin your hallway’s overall appearance. Choose the right hue that is pleasant to the eye of every beholder.
  • Polish the floor. Always have your floors polished every now and then. You can setup GMC Paper Products and adhesives if your floor looks hard to polish. Or you can schedule a periodic clean-up to keep the floor dirt-free, accident-free and presentable.

The hallway serves somewhat like a welcome doormat at the house entrance. If decorated nicely, visitors and even your own family members would have that feeling of always wanting to drop by and stay comfortably in your cozy home. Flex your creative muscles in customizing your hallway and please your guests and loved ones. Have fun while you’re at it!


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