How To Decorate a Home with a Nautical Theme

Home is where the heart is. It should be a comfortable, relaxing place free of stress. It should be a creative space where everyone can enjoy family time together. A home with the wrong kind of design can be a hindrance to relaxation. Choosing the right design will greatly influence the feel of the home. A nautical theme in your home can help you relax and unwind. It brings to mind images of the sea. It also has a mysterious, romantic vibe, which you will surely love. Some people go overboard with the nautical theme, making it look too tacky. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can make your nautical themed home as elegant as ever.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to decorate your home with a nautical theme:

  1. When going for a nautical themed home, choose the right color palette. The most common colors for nautical design are blue, white and other colors that represent the sea. Neutral colors and pastel colors also work well. Make sure that you are not stuck with one boring color. Make sure that you try various shades of blue to add a little more interest in your room. Cream and beige also work well as accents, as they mimic the sandy beaches. Meanwhile, pastel colors, and a little touch of red will bring to mind the sunset on the beach, and will create interest in the room.
  2. Look for an inspiration piece so you can have a starting point. An inspiration piece is used by most professional designers to prepare the design. It also helps in making any room look more put together. You can use anything from a seashell you found on the shore, or a picture of a sailboat. You will be able to get a few key elements from your inspiration, which will translate to your overall design.
  3. Use your nautical inspiration in a toned down way. You don’t have to design your beds like a ship just to make your room look nautical. Subtlety will bring your nautical inspired room some elegance and class. You can try a chair with blue and white striped cushions for a change. Alternatively, you can have your couch refurnished in a nautical color. A vintage chest can be a great piece, which can double as a storage box and display.
  4. You can make accents of your own. Your accents should bring to mind the relaxing beach and the sunset. You can try putting some sand in a glass dish or bowl and add a few seashells. You can also use do it yourself projects to create small pieces that are nautical themed. For example, a picture frame with seashells glued on it would be the perfect place to display your personal photos.

A nautical inspired home can be relaxing and comforting. These simple tips will help you get an elegant, nautical themed room. So, batten the hatches! Prepare to launch! Enjoy your decorating! Yarr!


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