How To Decorate a House Using Things You Already Have

Just finished moving in to your new home? Is it still bare and empty? You need to start decorating soon but what if you aren’t in the mood to go out and look for new things? Well, you do not have to. If you’ve got a ton of junk just taking up storage space, you can use all of that to fill your house with. Here is how to decorate a house using things you already have:

  • Pictures. Place pictures and portraits in all around the house. They go anywhere and there is nothing that makes you feel more at home than seeing smiling family members and friends evoking fond memories.
  • Books. Set books on a coffee table or along shelves to give your home more character. Keeping them in boxes won’t do them any good since they are meant to be read. They are also perfect for dens and spare rooms.
  • Children’s stuff. You can display your children’s various art projects, drawings and even their toys. It shows how proud you are of your kids and their accomplishments and will make other children and guests alike feel more at ease seeing the signs of youth around the house.
  • From your garden. This only works if you have had enough time to build a garden already but if you do, flowers and plants make excellent additions to any home as they promote a more Earth-friendly lifestyle. You can place them in vases or pots and leave them all around the house. They are absolutely perfect in living rooms, kitchens, dining areas and foyers.
  • Setting a rotation. When you use one item or object to decorate your house with, thinking long-term is good but short-term thinking helps keep everything fresh. Rotating the items on display every once in a while and completely hiding the old ones allows your house to always look new so that you do not get sick of one look making it easier to resist the urge to go out and buy something new.
  • Changing the arrangement and order. Likewise, changing the arrangement of furniture and objects around the house also helps keep things new and fresh. Move couches, sofas and chairs around to create new layouts. Move that picture into a new frame and into a new position so that you are looking at new things every once in a while.
  • A blast from the past. Going retro is always a groovy idea as long as you do not overdo it. What was old is once again new and makes choosing new decorations easy. A little nostalgia never hurt anyone and lets you reminisce and remember the good times.
  • Finding different uses. The key to using old things as decorations is figuring out new ways to use your junk. After a while, they become obsolete and you only keep stuff around because of what they mean to you. Maybe your old lava lamp would make a great nightlight for the kids? Perhaps you could use your old record player as a center piece on your coffee table? Discovering new uses for old things is fun and makes it easier to hang on to them.

Decorating a house using things you already have is very easy and saves you time and money. The trick is to find new uses for old things to restore their value.


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