How To Decorate a Kid's Room for Less Than $50

Living on a budget can be tough, but that does not mean you have to settle for living a drab and dull lifestyle. Your kids need not be subjected to such hardships. If you wanted to say, decorate their room, you absolutely could even with a budget. In fact, for less than $50 you can give you can brighten your child’s room without the uneasy feeling of wasting your money. Here is how to decorate a kid’s room for less than $50:

  • Spend your money wisely. You might be thinking this is self-explanatory, but some people tend to forget the real meaning of “Spend your money wisely.” See, people interpret the phrase to mean that they should not be spending their money. That is not the case. Sometimes, you really need to pay up if you want to get something. The trick is to get something worth your dollars. Before making a purchase, make sure that this is the best option for you lest you regret spending on it later on.
  • Do it yourself. If you can avoid paying someone else to do something that you can do and do well, by all means, perform the task yourself. Unnecessary expenditures can pile up and you can cut costs greatly by doing it yourself.
  • Use handmade items. There are a lot of objects and trinkets which you usually find in a kid’s room that you can make yourself instead of buying from the store. There are hundreds of guides on making your picture frames, pen holders and the like. You can even make use of the arts and crafts projects your child has created over the years. Using homemade items will add character to your kid’s room.
  • Chalk it up. A great way to engage your child’s creativity and make decorating his room more “interactive” and customizable is by using chalk doodles to decorate his room with. You can put small chalkboards on his door and walls and use that to leave reminders, messages and fun drawings. That way, you can keep on adding new stuff to the room without having to spend at all.
  • Decorating walls. Instead of using wallpaper or paint to cover your walls with, you can use cut-outs from magazines and posters to adorn your kid’s wall with. Ask your child to help out and choose what he wants on his walls. This is also a great way to bond with your child and get to know his likes and interests.
  • Use a lot of photographs. Place photographs of friends and family on your child’s dresser, desk and other suitable areas of his room. What better decoration than the smiling faces of those who love him the most?
  • Organize the things that are already in his room. Sometimes, simply organizing your child’s toys, games, books, pillows and the like will decorate his room perfectly. Display his favorite toys, arrange all of his favorite stories and novels or seat stuffed animals on a chair if he’s got some.

Decorating a kid’s room for less than $50 is easy as pie. It does not take a lot of money to give a child the room he wants, despite what he might say. There are a lot of ways you can go about it without having to spend cash. Follow the tips above to save money while still pleasing your child.


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