How To Decorate a Kitchen Island

So you had your kitchen renovated and now it looks just as beautiful and inviting as those kitchens you see on cooking shows. Oh look--there’s a kitchen island in the middle of it all. It looks kind of empty though, barren even. Now, you can’t leave it like that. Your kitchen island is not just another fixture that’s part of your kitchen but also a separate entity. You have to dress it up as well! Here is how to decorate a kitchen island:

  • Right in the middle. The easiest way to decorate your kitchen island is to place something in the middle. Kitchen appliances are okay for as long as they aren’t too large or make a mess. Baskets of fruit are a popular choice as well. You can also put flowers in a vase and place that in the middle.
  • Cabinets and shelves. Now, if you have small cabinets making up the body of your kitchen island, make sure that they are always clean, especially if they have fine carvings on them. Polish these regularly and repaint them when they start looking worn with age. If however, you only have shelves, you can place tableware, plates, glasses and the like along these shelves. Instead of merely being kept for storage, they now act as decorations as well.
  • Above the island. You can hang plants, lighting fixtures, virtually anything above your kitchen island. This way your decorative pieces won’t take up valuable space on the table and won’t get in anybody’s way while they chop, cook and consume their food.
  • Place settings. If you use the island more for eating and dining, you can place kitchen utensils, place mats and plates around the countertop. This is both decorative and functional since people can and will use the place settings and while no one’s eating, they serve as homey decorations.
  • Around the table. Most kitchen islands serve as a counter for preparing, cooking or eating food. Sometimes, they function as all three. Whatever the case, it is a good idea to put seats around the table. Tall stools such as bar stools are the best ones to use since they are neither cumbersome nor bulky and give you more freedom than a regular chair. If you use the island for eating meals, you can add as many tools as there are family members so that you can all eat together. Wooden stools are heavier but sturdier and are perfect for almost any kind of kitchen.
  • Maintenance. Of course, the best way to make your kitchen island look good is to keep it clean and well-kept. As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, and no one likes a dirty kitchen. Make sure you get food and oil stains off of the countertop immediately before they become impossible to remove. Dust can accumulate on the shelves and inside cabinets so go through them often.

Decorating your kitchen island is relatively straightforward and simple. It is an easy enough task that will add character to your kitchen.


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