How To Decorate a Large Rectangular Living Room

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Large spaces can be especially hard to decorate. While small rooms have the problem of not having enough space, large spaces seem to look too cold and not cozy at all. Also, the large space makes it seem like you have less furniture than you really have. Large rectangular living rooms have this problem. Because the shape is quite unusual, it can be hard to fill up with the right furniture. Also, the measurements of the walls can be quite uneven. This makes it even harder, because one wall extends too far. There are some interior design tips you can take note of to solve this problem. If you have a large rectangular living room, and you don’t know how to make it look cozier, these simple tips will help you create a warm space for you and your family and friends.

Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate a large rectangular living room:

  1. Invest in comfortable, cozy furniture that invites. Comfortable sofas and chairs will help create a warm, relaxing vibe in your living room. You can afford to invest in bulkier sofas, so why not? Add a few extra chairs for more seating space. Take advantage of the extra space your living room gives you. This will come in handy when you have friends over. A sturdy table, preferably in dark wood, will further give the room a comfortable feel.
  2. Decide on the focal point of your living room. If you have a fireplace, then it would be best to arrange your furniture around it. Make sure that you choose a focal point that looks interesting. However, you should avoid placing your furniture near the walls of the area. This will only accentuate the largeness of the room.
  3. You can paint the walls with a color that balances out the largeness of the room. You can use dark blue or chocolate brown to create a warm vibe. This will not work out for a smaller room, as dark room tends to make rooms look smaller. You can also try painting the ceiling a lighter color. This will make your ceilings seem higher, making the room seem proportionate.
  4. Use plants for the corners of your living room. They can eat up the extra space, and can create a tropical feel to your living room. Plants can be very relaxing. If you can’t have a real plant inside your house, then you can use fake plants. Make sure that they look real so you can get the effect you want. Alternatively, you can use tall lamps to take the place of plants. Make sure that you get the right lighting, as the wrong one can only accentuate the disproportionate room.
  5. Use curtains instead of blinds. They can make your living room seem a little smaller, and can create bulk.

A large rectangular living room can be made cozier and warmer with these simple design tips. You’ve got the space, and it is an advantage. Show off your properly decorated rectangular living room!


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