How To Decorate a Large Wall Over a Fireplace

The fireplace is usually the focal point of a room. It is the first thing people notice when they walk into a living room. It adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any space. Most people make a mistake by leaving the wall over a fireplace bare. If the wall is especially large, the fireplace can get lost in the room. Decorating a large wall will greatly help to bring attention to the fireplace. You don’t need any fancy tricks to decorate a large wall over a fireplace. All you need are a few inventive ideas to help you make the fireplace your living room’s focal point.

Here are a few simple ideas on how to decorate a large wall over a fireplace:

  1. Use mirrors to create different visual effects. Hang different mirrors on the wall over the fireplace to achieve the effect you want. This is the most common way to decorate a wall over a fireplace. You can use a mantel mirror with a unique frame to simply create some interest. This is a simple way to use a mirror. For a more dramatic effect, you can place a mirror large enough to reach the ceiling. This will really draw attention to your fireplace, as well as accentuate and make the room seem larger. You can also experiment with some contemporary mirror designs. To do this, you can buy about six small mirrors. They should have no frame. Then, you can arrange them anyway you want on the wall. The most popular arrangements are the Three Over Three Squares, Bowling Pins, and Three Over Three Diamonds.
  2. Paint or finish your wall in a color that is right for the room. Make sure that it does not clash with the decoration for the fireplace. If you want to create warm feel to the room, you can try painting in colors like brown, red or orange. Bricks are also a popular design. Alternatively, if you can, you can balance out the proportions of the wall to the fireplace by extending the design of the fireplace so it reaches the wall above it.
  3. A large painting hanging above your fireplace can be a great way to create interest in your fireplace. This is one of the classic ways to decorate a large wall over a fireplace. Make sure that you choose a painting or artwork that is right for your room’s design. Another option would be to hang a relief over the fireplace. You can further accentuate the artwork by placing a few lights underneath. This will further enhance the effect of the painting and artwork.
  4. You can also make smart use of the wall above your fireplace. You can install a few bookshelves and place a few books and figurines in it.

The wall above your fireplace doesn’t have to go to waste. A high ceiling is always welcome in today’s standard of cramped living spaces. With these simple tips, you can maximize the use of the large wall over your fireplace.


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