How To Decorate a Master Bedroom in Primitive Country

Sometimes modern is not the way to go. There are instances when you have to get back to your roots and remember how it once was when technology hadn’t taken over the world yet. When you have a desire to get down to the basics before everything became complicated, there’s one place you can start on, your master bedroom.

Here’s how to decorate a master bedroom in primitive country:

You will need the following:

  • Paint and paintbrush.
  • Contractor.
  • Stickley-style or American Colonial pre-1900s furniture in hard woods.
  • American quilts.
  • Cotton bedding, linens, and draperies.
  • Indian rugs or the braided kind.
  • Vintage brick-a-brack.
  • Lamps

Start painting your master bedroom. For your master bedroom to become evocative of primitive country, you have to choose a color that will fit the call of that particular period. Dark blue, indigo blue, dark green, sepia, and maroon are the best color choices. Ask the paint expert at the hardware store to mix you up a special batch of these and start painting your master bedroom. This could take days depending on the size of the room. You must also allow the paint to dry completely before arranging the furniture and accessories.

Have hardwood floors constructed. In case you have vinyl, tiles, or marble floors in your master bedroom, you can cover the area with rustic-themed carpets in lieu of hardwood floors. Now if it’s merely concrete, you have the most perfect reason to get a contractor to convert this to hardwood flooring.

Go furniture shopping. The best kind for a primitive look apart from Rattan or twigs is the Stickley-style or American Colonial pre-1900s furniture. Go for the ones made of hard woods like pine, walnut, oak, maple, cherry, and birch. Get the basics e.g. 4-poster bed, chests, ottoman, study table, chair, and side table. Don’t get matching sets. Instead, pick pieces that are different but look good when placed together in your master bedroom.

Choose your bedding, linens, and draperies. You will know the look is primitive country when it has prints that show the artistry of that time e.g. landscapes, drawings, braiding, and quilting. All these should be made from all natural cotton. You can also consult various home decorating magazines for design inspirations and where to buy what you need.

Reserve a space for your working area. Bring in a table and chair and cover the table top with a rustic table cloth and place soft quilted cushions on the chair. Decorate the table top with wild Daisies, a journal, quill and feather pens, an ink bottle, and parchment paper to complete the overall look.

Place vintage and wrought-iron lamps in the room. You can place lamps by your bedside or any place in the room that you see fit.

Hang antique art. You can frame vintage postcards and stamps and use simple frames to decorate a blank wall in your Mater bedroom.

Now all that’s lacking is a primitive style toilet-and-bath with a pulley for hot and cold baths and a claw-foot tub! All in all, you deserve a pat in the back. You just took your master bedroom back in time. Now you have the best of both worlds to enjoy without looking or smelling like a caveman.


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