How To Decorate a Modern Studio Apartment

A studio is an apartment that has efficiency in mind. It is usually for single individuals who need a little less space. It is usually composed of a single room and a single bathroom, making it very convenient. The challenge for studio type apartments is always how to create more space while making it look good. This is why a modern style in studio apartments is the most popular choice. It helps save space through the minimalist design, while at the same time making it sleek and more efficient, giving the individual everything he needs. You don’t have to break the bank if you want to decorate a modern studio apartment. You can follow a few simple tips to help you decorate with style.

Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate a modern studio apartment:

  1. When it comes to furniture, think minimalist and sleek. Usually, modern and contemporary homes make use of furniture with metal finish to create a look that is edgy. Geometric shapes are also very widely used in contemporary design, as they appear very well kept and clean. Clean lines are very important to the modern look. Space saving furniture such as pod chairs and stools are a mainstay in modern studio apartments. Glass is also a popular material for contemporary design. Sharp edges and clean cuts are the norm. Glass coffee tables with a metal frame in geometric shapes are great for this. The beds should also be white and clean, to create a minimalist feel.
  2. Yes, you can use wood. However, you need to paint your wood with a color like black or white to make it sleeker. Modern design does not leave any room for rustic design. Untreated wood will not work too well for this. You should also make your wood contrast with the metal pieces around the house. This means that you should make the wood more muted and matte as opposed to the metal, which is bright and shiny.    
  3. Bright accents are great ways to add some color to your modern studio. For a room, add a single color to make them look clean and consistent. Guard against over coloring a modern studio apartment, as this will defeat the purpose of a minimalist, clean design. Red, blue and yellow tones work best for this. Another option would be to look at flea markets to find great pieces of art. This can be a cheap way to add some color to your apartment.
  4. Take a cue from the Japanese. Japanese design highly influences modern and contemporary interior design. There are a lot of things you can learn through their sleek minimalist designs. You can look at various Japanese interior designs over the Internet and use them as inspiration for your room. Remember to add a little personality so you can make the room your own.

It can be very easy to create a modern studio apartment. These simple tips will help you create a contemporary design in any room.


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