How To Decorate a Movie Room or Home Theater

Michael Jackson (+RIP) had a truly awesome home theater at his Neverland Ranch. Aside from having a state-of-the art home theater system, MJ had his own snack counter stocked so deep with all kinds of snacks and drinks kids go gaga for. You can aim for this kind of mind-blowing setup and even though it will cost you bundles of money, it will be a worthwhile project, definitely something you can be proud of!

Here’s how to decorate a movie room or home theater:

Pick a theme. Every step you will take from here will revolve around this theme. You might already have your own theme but here’s a few more to add to your own ideas:

  • Star Wars theme. You won’t run out of memorabilia, collectibles, and other swag for this type of theme. The paint job for the room won’t be a headache to contend with. It’s simply black and white. You can even wallpaper the room in space-inspired designs.
  • Other movie themes. Choose the genre and all you have to work on is which movie and how to get the look for your home theatre.
  • TV series themes. Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, The Love Boat, Gossip Girl, True Blood, or Mad Men. Choose one and stylize your decoration according to the TV series of your choice.
  • Old Hollywood. Google this theme and you will find more than a million results for your quest to find the perfect decorations to fill up the space in your home theatre. There are vintage posters of Hollywood celebrities from yesteryears, collectibles, movie reels, even classic DVDs that you can stack up, Pinup girls, and other knick-knacks you can find to get this theme down to perfection!
  • Movie theatre. Here’s another theme you might want to add to your growing list. You can have velvet ropes made, order gold truncheons, ask the contractor to design and construct theatre or stadium-style seating, and have your own concession stand built for popcorn, soda, and other snacks.
  • 1960s Woodstock. Free love reigns! Flower power! Psychedelic colors! Bell bottoms! If you were born at this time, you can pay homage to the forces of peace that made this festival one of the most transcendent musical events the world has ever seen.

Everything should already be incorporated in the blue print. You can’t just decide to make a room into a home theatre room. You have build or convert one. This takes some groundwork and might involve knocking everything down and starting from scratch. On this, you have to work with a team made up of a contractor, engineer, carpenter, architect, designer, and electrician to take care of everything. Wiring has to be laid down, fixtures installed, sound proofing addressed and so on and forth. These details will all be in the blueprint for your approval. Probably the best place for a home theatre room would be the basement, family room or pool house. What do you think?  

Make room for wall-to-wall carpeting and velvet draperies. These home accessories will play a crucial role in the quality of sound and acoustics in your home theatre room. Additionally, you should have an AC installed in the room to keep the equipment cool at all times especially during summer.

Pick smart controls. There really isn’t any other choice. In an ideal home theatre room, you must be able to control the AV equipment, lighting, and sound through a remote control or touch-screen panel.

If you feel like wringing your fingers for the suggestive cost this project might entail, don’t feel so anxious. It’s honestly a worthy investment and yes, you will pay a steep price but as the saying goes, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”


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