How To Decorate a Mudroom

Unless you live in the northern states in America, you could be one among the many homeowners that won’t be familiar with a mudroom much less know you have a mudroom in your home as well. It’s just not called that. It could be a cloak room or an outer room before reaching the reception area of your home. This is the room where shoes, boots, skis, jackets, bags, keys, hats, gloves, and coats are taken off, hung, or dropped off to the floor. Yup, that’s your mudroom right there!

Now wouldn’t you want to overhaul this room and decorate it nicely especially when you are quite fond of entertaining guests on a regular basis? Are you good to go on this idea?

Well, then here is how to decorate a mudroom:

  • Place water-resistant floor mats in the room. Part of keeping the room nice and warm is to make sure water tracks are controlled. For people coming in from the snow or rain, this is a truly welcome presence. It helps in quickie clean ups, too! Further, you’ll be so happy you don’t have to apply protective wax on your hardwood floor every other day.
  • Construct shelves and closets. This will help in keeping your mud room organized. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing jackets, shoes, and everything else on a pitiful heap on the floor. When you launch this decorating project, make sure you have plans to construct shelves and closets to accommodate the stuff in your mudroom.
  • Pick a fine looking hardwood bench. Haul this find into the mudroom so that people can sit on it while taking off shoes, jackets, and other stuff. If space allows, pick not one but two benches that will look nice in your mud room.
  • Place a whiteboard, chalkboard, or craft board in the room. This is a practical addition when “decorating” a mud room. Your kids and guests can leave messages on there whenever they want to. You can even write your own reminders - e.g. Buy Milk/Eggs or Pick up Claire after Hockey practice - since this is the last room you’ll see heading out the door.
  • Create color coded and personalized storage areas for members of your family. Use color codes and name tags for storage areas assigned to everyone in your family. This way, you brighten up the mud room and also find a way to keep things organized. It will also be easy for you to pinpoint which member of your family is organizationally-challenged!
  • Repaint the room using waterproof paint. It’s going to be really damp in there most of the time so minimize the growth of mold and mildew by repainting the wall with waterproof paint. While you’re at it, you might as well choose a bright and sunny palette that will add charm to the room.
  • Have a screen door. There’s a main door, correct? Now after that main door, there should be a screen door that will allow the main door to be left open for air to circulate. You will need proper ventilation in the mud room so this is one of the ways to decorate it. Paint the screen door’s frame a nice candy color or have it painted the same color as the walls in this room.

As you can see, these tips are more reflective of the practical side of decorating a mudroom then the conventional decorating you know that involves flowers, vases, antiques, and art. It’s really all about keeping things organized with a touch of color here and there. Now you know a mudroom also needs a bit of decorating from a fine hand like yours!


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