How To Decorate a Pre-Teen Boy's Bedroom

Decorating a kid's room is pure fun! Free to think beyond rules and expectations, you can let your inner child get creative when designing a unique space for the children in your life.  If you're stumped on how to go about decorating a room for a pre-teen boy, here are some creative suggestions that he'll love both now and later.

Step 1

Creative Color Palettes: It's not Just about Blue Anymore!
Blue is a great color for a boy's room, but it can be a little predictable and boring when used by itself. However, blue is a great complement to other bright colors such as primary red and yellow, orange or apple green. Mixing blue with other bright colors while accenting with white keeps the look dynamic without becoming chaotic. Now add a pattern to the color mix for even more fun and vibrancy. Mixing a pattern is easier than you think; the key is to choose patterns in the same scale and same intensity. This is where white comes in because it acts as a balance and backdrop for brighter colors. You can mix big bright polka dots with big buffalo plaids or plaids if they are similar in size and color saturation; link the patterns with at least one common color. It's also fun to repeat a pattern throughout the space that is introduced by the theme: For example, with a NASCAR theme black and white checks are part of the logo and they can be repeated in a room border, bedding and picture frames.

When choosing themes don't feel that you are limited to characters and cartoons: Any item can be the inspiration for a color palette and theme: A collection of toy soldiers, model trains, favorite sports and games, or a poster from a favorite zoo or planetarium.

Choose simple wood furniture that will grow with your son. The basics – a bed, dresser, mirror and nightstand will last a long time and additional accessories are easy to sprinkle in as his needs and tastes change over the years. In a few years he may need a larger desk, bookshelves and adult size work chair, but those items may be beyond his size and needs at this point. Inexpensive or used pieces of these extra items might be the best way to go now. You can make any piece coordinate with the color scheme with a little paint and fabric.

Step 2

Smart Storage Solutions
Boys seem to collect more and more "stuff" as the years go by and it will be easier on you if you make it easy for your son to stay organized. Make the best use of closet space by installing hanging rods where he can reach them; a high and a low rod is fine if you want to place out-of-season or dress clothes that he doesn't often wear on the upper rod. If room allows, a bank of vertical shelves installed on one end of the closet makes it easy to store shoes, folded jeans and sweatshirts. Beyond the closet, wall hooks are great for things he uses from day to day, like jerseys, jackets, backpacks and sports gear. Complement open shelving for books, toys, crayons and Legos with canvas, plastic, wood or wire boxes and bins that make it easy to stay organized, especially if you add a tag, drawing or photo to the outside of each box.

Designing a creative colorful space for a boy is not difficult. Just keep your focus on flexible options that can grow as he does.

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