How To Decorate a Room with a Beatles Theme

If you love the Beatles, why not decorate a room with that theme in mind? The Beatles is one of the most popular and enduring bands of all time. As a musical icon, you may want to pay tribute to your love for their music by surrounding yourself with a Beatles-themed room.
Here are some ways you can decorate a room with a Beatles theme in mind.

  • Choose a room you want to decorate. The music room and bedroom are two of the most popular rooms in the home to pay a decorative homage to this music legend. Keep things contained to specific areas of the home. If you want to start with a small space, try the guest room! If you decorate your entire home with a Beatles theme, your home may look like Graceland and look too over the top. It simply won’t be tasteful. It’s highly doubtful that even Paul McCartney decorates with a yellow submarine in his living room.
  • Decorate with your paraphernalia. If you’re an avid collector of everything Beatles, use it around the room to decorate the space. Mugs, ashtrays, musical instruments all related to the band can be purchased. If you don’t have any but would like some authentic pieces, shop at or try Amazon and eBay for some great finds. if you find old concert posters, place it in a glass frame and hang it up.
  • Use color. The '60s was a fun decade. Although television was in black and white, the use of color in clothing and decoration was profuse. Don’t be afraid to use bright hues in your space, such as red, bright blue and yellow. This will be the perfect backdrop to offset your Beatles souvenirs.
  • Use music sheets as wall art. A creative way to have John, Paul, George and Ringo in your space is to use their music. Buy the music sheets of your favorite Beatles songs from the music store, or download it online. Have these simply framed and hang it on the wall. It’s a subtle way to have the band in your room without looking tacky, overwhelming or dated.
  • Have a display case for your one-of-a-kind souvenirs. If you have Beatles figurines and dolls, or a signed autograph of a record, give it it’s place of honor. Have a glass case with halogen lighting constructed and proudly put your special goodies on display. You may have a vintage tin lunch box with the Fab Four on it or
  • Bring out the records. If you or someone you know has collected all the records, put the vinyl covers on display. If you don’t have the covers, hang the records without the covers! Line it up on the wall to create a centerpiece in the room. You can even do it in sequence if you happen to have all the albums. Since vinyl records aren’t made anymore, it’s a fun a nostalgic way to design a space, by making use of what you already have.
  • Recreate Abbey Road on your floor. Remember the iconic album Abbey Road wherein the Beatles are crossing the street? Paint the same street pattern on your floor. It’s bound to be a conversation piece and a focal point in your room!

Decorating with a Beatles theme in mind doesn’t mean you have to take it in a literal way. Who wants to have a yellow submarine in their room? But you can certainly incorporate these ideas when decorating your room to have a fun and funky space that says rock and roll!


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