How To Decorate a Room with a Horror Movie Theme

If you’re having a Halloween party, you’ll want to decorate the room in keeping with the holiday. Be inspired by the horror movie genres! You can generate some real screams and laughs if you carefully decorate a space with a horror movie theme.
Before you bring out the fake blood and the cobwebs, read this to serve as a guide in helping you decorate a room with a horror movie theme in mind.

  • Decide how much you can spend. Before a movie is made, producers have to come up with the money. It’s the same way when decorating. Determine how much money you have to spend. More cash doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do a better job. It still comes down to your creativity and execution to get the full effect. To cut costs, use what you have at home, or buy your props from Michael’s and other craft stores.
  • Choose a horror movie genre. Do you like the slasher flicks where the victims are constantly chased by an unknown masked killer impervious to bullets and physical harm? If so, get the mask of the scream from the same movie title, or a hockey mask and have Jason from Friday the 13th. You also go with something creepy and supernatural or those scary zombie movies. There are also ghost stories or those featuring otherworldly creatures. Make a coffin from an old cardboard box if you want a vampire-themed space.
  • Choose a particular horror movie. Narrowing down your design to one to two movies will make it easier to execute the design. For example, if you like the supernatural thriller The Ring, get an old TV set and place half the body of a mannequin with a long black wig to make it seem she’s crawling out from the TV.
  • Pay attention to the details. The success of your horror theme will be based on the amount of details you place in a room. If you’re going with a slasher flick, place an old chainsaw on the table, as a tribute to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hang hockey masks on the wall and place different weapons on the tables and shelves. These can be fake daggers, a scythe, gun and other objects used to kill in the movies. Place smears of fake blood on the walls. Place a mannequin dressed with a frumpy dress with a bun wig on a rocking chair and position it by a window. Place lighting behind it to create Norman Bates’ mother in the movie Psycho.
  • Make a Psycho bathroom. Recreate the infamous shower scene in Psycho. In your guest bathroom, leave the shower on with a white curtain closed. If you don’t want to waste water, cut up strips of foil and other luminous paper to recreate water and stick it on the shower head. To add to the drama, leave a “bloodied” hand print on the tile walls using fake blood. You can even put a sign outside the door that says "Bates Motel."
  • Use lighting to complete the effect. Dim the lights of the room. Cover it with some cellophane or switch to black lighting. Put a spotlight on objects of interest, such as a poster or if you have some props.
  • Play the movie. During the party, play a DVD of various horror movies. You don’t need to turn up the volume to get the effect. If you play the movie that inspired you to decorate the space, people will more easily recognize the scenes you have recreated.
  • Use a soundtrack. Download scary music from iTunes. You can also play the soundtrack and sound effects from famous movies. The music in Jaws as the shark approaches is a classic. Another horror movie staple is the high-pitched violin heard in the movie Psycho.

Avoid using a horror movie theme in any room on a permanent basis. It may make any person who walks in feel to uncomfortable to stay and linger. Unless your intention is to deliberately get rid of your guests right away, save the horror movie theme for parties and occasional gags, rather than as the design theme of your room.


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