How To Decorate a Skateboarding Themed Bedroom

Kids, especially teenagers, are at a stage where they want to express their individuality and personality in every way possible, even in their bedrooms. The theme of their bedrooms is an extension of their personality, and should always mirror their interests. The trend today is skateboarding. It’s an exciting activity for teenagers to engage in. A skateboarding themed bedroom will be the perfect haven for skateboarders. It can be very easy to achieve. With a few simple tips, you can transform an ordinary bedroom and make it into a mirror of your child’s personality.

Here are a few simple tips on how to decorate a skateboarding themed bedroom:

  1. Use skateboard decks and other materials to make the furniture. Old skateboards can easily be turned into furniture pieces. You can try to make shelves out of used skateboards very easily by taking the wheels off a regular skateboard. Try fixing them to a wall or having a wall bracket to support them. Just take around three skateboards and you can easily turn them into a shelf.
  2. Try designing a skateboard themed headboard. Get a large piece of cardboard and draw a skateboard shape according to the size of your child’s headboard. Then, you can paint this any way you want. You can even ask your child to help you paint it so you can have a clear idea of his preference. Then, allow your design to dry. Cut the skateboard design out and place a few strings at the back. An elastic band is perfect for this. You can buy it at any arts and crafts store.
  3. Study skateboarding culture. There are a lot of ideas you can get just by studying about the culture and idea behind skateboarding. You will be surprised at how well you will be able to design a room using concepts in skateboarding.
  4. Try a little graffiti. If you want, you can try putting a little graffiti on the walls of the bedroom. If you find graffiti too much, try doing it at one side of the room only. Graffiti is a mainstay in skateboarding design. Just use a little bit of spray paint and start writing. Remember to protect your floors with newspaper or a little plastic so the paint won’t spread to other parts of the room. Choose bold, bright colors such as red or yellow, even orange to draw your graffiti. You can even ask your child to add the graffiti themselves, so they can really show off their skater personality.
  5. You can try putting some wall art on your child’s bedroom. There are a lot of artworks that have skating as a theme. You can go to a professional to have them resized and reprinted. Place them on a wall and you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in the design of your room.

Decorating a skateboarding themed bedroom is not that hard. Follow these simple tips and you can make a skateboarding themed bedroom in no time.


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