How To Decorate a Small Dining Room

Fancy looking dining room
A small dining room can be challenging to decorate because you need to be cautious in your design preferences. You have many choices but one awful mistake will destroy the motif and ambiance in your small dining room. Below are steps and guides to help you decorate your small dining room.

  • Take out your stock and analyze. Look at your crystal and china collection and decide what to display, keep, and to sell. You can sell the collections that you don’t use for years because they are just eating space in your house. Keep the collection that you find endearing and have plans of displaying in future years. Also, don’t be an impulse buyer if you already have a massive crystal and china collection because your insufficient storage area could give you a headache.
  • Lessen clutter. Don’t display school papers, mails, and other clutter in your dining room. Your small dining room will look smaller if cluttered. Go minimalist or learn Zen if you so desire. A small dining room can be a great place for meditation. You will have a heightened awareness to only eat enough for the health of your body and entire well being.
  • Use light furniture. Tables, chairs, buffet and armoire are enough for your little dining room space. Relocate your other furniture in the other areas of you house. Mix and match furniture to determine what furniture will fit and look good in your small dining room. Also, sell or give your excess furniture to others because a crowded space triggers anxiety and stress.
  • Use a round-shaped table. It is effective if you have a square dining room. A round table fits dining rooms perfectly and you have a comfortable space for the chairs and the other furniture that you will place around your dining area. Your small dining room will look larger with the use of a round table.
  • Use light paint for your dining room. Dark hues will make your dining space smaller so if you desire to use dark rich colors then use a lighter dark shade on the paint wheel. Add white borders on the base of the walls to brighten up your dining room a little. If you love white but don’t want your dining room to look boring, then use a monochromatic interior motif in muted hues or mix various colors to enliven your dining space.
  • Hang mirrors. Mirrors can make rooms appear larger so use mirrors in your full advantage. You can customize mirrors to decorate your room. Go to different mirror fabricator shops and canvass for the best offer possible. Use a wall mirror or use different mirror shapes and sizes to complement your dining space.
  • Use natural light. It will make your dining space look larger. Open the blinds in your dining room so there will be shadows and texture that will also make your dining space dramatic.

You can get more ideas from reading house decoration magazines and websites. Ask your other family members first before arranging or decorating your dining room. They may have some ideas.


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